To be selected for a project it is necessary to have a good “why” and be able to describe it. Your motivation is one thing that decides about participants. Here are the four things you should not forget to mention:


The most important thing to do is to mention the topic and how you are connected with it. It can be helpful to open an infopack about the project. There is usually written what is expected from participants and what skills the participants should have. Don’t forget that projects are not only about traveling but mainly about developing your skills and learning through non-formal education, and that is why you should mention the topic first.

2. Active participation

Don’t forget to write that you plan to be active and be involved in every activity. This goes hand in hand with an interest in the topic. Although this point may sound obvious, it is better to mention it and increase your chances of being selected.

3. Have a fun

When you mentioned interest in the topic and active participation, now is the time to have fun. Firstly, it is important to mention education as a reason and show that you want to learn new things but it is also about fun, so don’t forget to mention that you want to meet new people, improve your English and represent your country in the cultural event night.

4. Share your knowledge

If you have or know something special, Youth Exchanges and Training Courses are usually open for sharing knowledge. Don’t forget to mention your knowledge or what you would like to teach others and how the group will benefit from your attention.