The project Start-Up Hypothesis got together 32 people from 7 countries to learn and share knowledge using non-formal education. The amazing surroundings that the Isle of Wight provided us and all of our lovely participants’ creative thoughts helped us get useful information. We want to share some of the materials that will for sure help anybody interested in entrepreneurship.

And what do we all use when we want to learn fast and very specific? Tutorials! They represent another way of understanding, making the educational experience more effective. Working in groups, the participants created the following tutorials:


7 Steps to Develop a Social Project

Do you want to make something for your community? To make a change? Find out here:


5 Ways to Become a Better Entrepreneur

How to have a vision, why being positive is important, what to be efficient with, how to promote yourself and why and last but not least, the impact of stress. Curious already? Check it out:



What does SMART stand for and why are they so widely use? We use goals both in our professional and personal life. Have a look at this funny tutorial:


How to Identify Market Needs

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? In order to have your own Start-Up, a well done research is recommended in order to achieve success. Why are you doing it? Is it needed? Do you talk to people? Find out more here:


How to Keep Motivated?

Is motivation important? What to do when life doesn’t work the way we would like to? Don’t lose your hope! Watch the video here:


 4 Ways to Raise Money in One Day

Let’s assume you have one day to get money for your business. Talk to people, write e-mails, stay in touch with people, especially with the ones who share the same vision. Smile, be confident and just do it! Enjoy:


5 Tips for an Elevator Pitch

Did you know that a good pitch could boost your business faster than you can imagine? What to do and what not to do when you when delivering an elevator pitch. Check it out:


That’s all folks! Hope you have found some inspiring tips to put your ideas into practice. Did you try any of these tips already? Let us know what and how it worked for you!