We are very proud and happy about our international multicultural multicharacter multiamazing team of volunteers:

Abroadship’er Ketevan

Keti - Georgia - Abroadship.org

Keti – volunteer at abroadship.org – Georgia

“I was born and grew up in Georgia, in the small town called Gori. One of the most important events in my life was joining my school civil club because that was the moment when I started being active citizen. We used to do a lot of activities, organize trainings/seminars, collecting things for the homeless children, elderly, but the most important project was making square near my school.

Another important period of my life that tought me : “there’s no better, not worse, just different” was spending one academic year in the US (FLEX programme). I remember my first day as a volunteer quite clearly. It was in summer 2014, Indinapolis, Indiana, US. My local coordinator took the whole international group to participate in the voluntary project “Keep Indianapolis Beautiful”. Since that day Volunteering has been one of the things that makes me happy! For me Volunteering means spending some of your free time helping others.It means “Help Yourself by Helping Others” and helps you to grow personally. Volunteer experiences often put you in a different environment and expose you to people and situations that you wouldn’t have come across in your regular life. And it happed when I went to Agape, Italy last summer to volunteer in the ecumenical center, participated in 3 international camps and met a lot of amazing people!

Since I was middle school student, I have participated in a lot of projects, trainigs, camps, Youth exchanges and in the future I would like to continue being active citizen, gain knowledge, experience and share with others. If we get together, we are capable to change things for better in our communities and gererally in the world. I believe that we bring this world together!”

Abroadship’er Lilit

Lilit volunteer - Armenia - abroadship.org

Lilit – volunteer at abroadship.org – Armenia

“I am Lilit, a 24 year old Armenian living in Yerevan. I am an open-minded and motivated person, eager to face challenges and gain new experiences. I am a dynamic person, sociable, responsible and funny, who loves interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds, who wants to learn as much as possible about the world we live in.

In 2013, I got my bachelor’s degree at Yerevan State University from the faculty of Oriental Studies. I have recently graduated from the American University of Armenia getting my master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science and International Affairs. The choice of my first profession, oriental studies, was not accidental as I have always been interested in the Middle East, its culture, its traditions, its people, its political conditions and especially its language.

There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I enjoy watching films, especially historical. I am also interested in sports, especially in tennis. I’ve been playing since I was a little girl. I love travelling, sightseeing, listening to music and dreaming.”

Abroadship’er Sofia

Sofia - volunteer - Belarus - abroadship.org

Sofia – volunteer at abroadship.org- Belarus

“I am a student of the 3rd course at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Belarus) and getting the specialty «Linguistic support of intercultural communication. Translator». The member of New Faces and Aegee-Grodno.

To begin with, by nature I am a team player and a knowledge-hungry learner. I’m full of enthusiasm and creative ideas. People say that I’m active like a live wire! All my life I’ve been trying to reach self-realization. As I see it, I am a versatile and easy-going person, who have been chasing non-formal education everywhere.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, I love and am good in learning languages. So, you are free to write me in Russian, Belarussian, English, Polish and German.

Frankly speaking, it’s personally important for me to join the world experience, to influence the development of modern Belarus and to be able to apply the knowledge gained during non-formal activities for my future career”

Abroadship’er Robert

Robert - volunteer at abroadship.org

Robert – volunteer at abroadship.org – UK

Robert works as a freelance consultant on a range of initiatives, including youth and community development and working in partnership with charitable organisations, focusing on start-up initiatives. His current projects include a college for natural building skills, the installation of a 15-tonne waste digester for a university campus in London and driving the sustainable development of a new outdoor education centre, with the planting of a 55-acre woodland and a 5 acre sewage-treating wetland. In the past 5 years, he has raised £200k for community initiatives and charitable organisations.

As a tutor, Robert also delivers skills in environmental education, citizenship, employability and horticulture skills and is currently working on food growing projects within the public realm, along with creation of small-scale community allotment spaces; leading foraging, bushcraft and nature walks to help communities raise awareness and appreciation of nature and wildlife habitat.

“I have a real desire to effect social change by my actions; to educate and inspire in issues around sustainable living, to enable people to live healthy active lifestyles and build their self-efficacy through local food production. I wish to catalyse investment in social capacity and active citizenship through supporting community initiatives and raising individual enrichment, whilst promoting awareness of environmental issues that are becoming increasingly important.

I’m hoping to take my permaculture studies forward to design resilient human ecosystems, regenerative communities and facilitation of a ‘transition town infrastructure’, and utilise further research towards my MA in Youth Work and Community Development.”

Abroadship’er Rob

Rob - volunteer at abroadship.org

Rob – volunteer at abroadship.org – UK

Rob is committed and driven to recognise his vision of establishing an independent education space in London. He believes the way we live, what we value and how we are educated need to be revised for us to transition into a paradigm of sustainability; meaning our collective and individual focus is on flourishing rather than surviving. Flourishing means that everyone on the planet must be free and able to lead dignified, authentic lives.

Abroadship’er Gabriele

Gabriele - volunteer - abroadship.org

Gabriele – volunteer

“I am Gabrielė, 18 years of age, born and raised in the marvellous lands of Lithuania. I am a student, traveler, geek, scientist and musician. I love volunteering, playing the guitar and the piano, singing, doing chemical experiments, making robots and reading books. I‘m a very active person who can do 100 things at the same time. I‘m obsessed with Physics so I mostly talk about the laws of nature and physical forces (E=mc2).

Next year I‘m finishing school so now I‘m considering what and where I‘d like to study. My biggest dream is to study Materials at the University of Oxford.

I love travelling – I‘ve visited a lot of countries in Europe and I‘d like to travel all over the world! Every country is so different, there are many things I‘d like to see, taste, do, hear and experience…

During my leisure time I read obligatory Lithuanian literature (well, I‘d rather choose to read something I like more (Harry Potter or books by John Green) but…) and listen to music (I love Shawn Mendes, AC/DC, David Guetta and Debussy).”

Abroadship’er Anna

Anna Kassay - abroadship.org volunteer

Anna Kassay – abroadship.org volunteer


Before I introduce myself let me ask You a question:

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and it feels like you already know that person? But also you can (and want to) talk for hours about anything… So it’s kinda friendship at first sight…?

I hope You know what I’m talking about because it’s one of the best feelings… At least I think it is. And this is the reason I’m here and I’m doing (almost) everything in my life.

So yeah, back to me. Some basic info: name: Anna; age: 20; current location: Budapest [Hungary]; birthplace: Cluj-Napoca [Romania]; I like: cycling, listening to gooooood music, my Mom, reading, watching series when I have to study for exams, etc. I’m doing my bachelors degree in marketing and I’m working as a graphic designer.

As almost the half of the World, I really like to travel. So one of my life goals is to work and travel at the same time. Somehow I will do it!… Not only because I want to see new places but mainly because I want to meet awesome people (keep calm, there are pretty nice people in Romania and in Hungary as well, but you know…people are never satisfied).

So I just wanted to say that keep looking for great opportunities in this beautiful World!

Have a nice day!

Abroadship’er Gabriela

Gabriela - abroadship.org volunteer

Gabriela – volunteer

“Since I was a little girl I wanted to change the world. I knew I wasn’t ordinary and I never wanted to be. My goal is to have an impact on the world, to leave something behind. I am a very passionate, dedicated, hard working and extremely motivated human being. I believe we should take care of our world and everyone who lives on it like we do with ourselves.”

Abroadship’er Auste

Auste - abroadship.org - volunteer

Auste – abroadship.org – volunteer

“Jeigu kas, tai kaip nors.”
That’s the lithuanian phrase that I follow and truly believe in which means “If what then somehow”. My name is Austė and I am 18-year-old. As you can already tell I live in a very colourful place called Lithuania. I am keen on volunteering, listening and performing music, reading, watching some ‘’Game of thrones”, hanging out with my friends and etc. I am a school-leaver and I really hope that I can study abroad to see some new places, meet amazing people and to gain some new experience in life. My goal is to travel as much as I can and see the diversity in our world.

Abroadship’er Przemek

“Hello! I’m Przemek and I’m from Poland, actually based in Cracow, where I’m studying Marketing. If I will do some mistakes in English below, don’t worry please. I will explain you why later.

Prezemek volunteer - abroadship.org

Prezemek volunteer – abroadship.org

I’m 21 and I like photography, I do a lot of photos, but now I’m focusing on earning money (in the future I want to start my business connected with photos, but I need some money to do it) and in my studies.

My self confidence skills are so high, really. In meetings always I am the man, who first say “let’s do something”. This is in polish language.

In my studies my English level is B1. It isn’t good, I don’t know much words, and generally my English sucks… but! Despite this, I have been in two projects (Media Creator part 1 and 3 in London). On the third part I was something like helper, member of the crew. And it was really good on my point of view. I have got feedback from other people and they told the same.

Now I’m a part of abroadship.org. I believe, that this is my chance to learn a lot of new, super things, new people, work together online (maybe in future eyes to eyes haha) and make my English better and better 🙂

I’m really lazy guy. It could be a advantage, because I’m really close with people, I like talking with each other etc. But generally this is a huge disadvantage. I have a big problems with keeping deadlines etc. I hope, that this adventure helps me with that.
So, I’m at your disposal, you can write to me at any time if you have some problems or without problems. If you want to talk about weather, feel free 🙂”

Abroadship’er Diana

Diana volunteer - abroadship.org

Diana volunteer – abroadship.org

“Hello! My name is Diana, I’m 18 years old and I’m Romanian. If I were to describe myself in one word, I’d say I’m curious, as I’m always trying to find out about new fields that I know nothing about and new experiences make me happy. I consider myself a creative-thinker, a hybrid, a person that is floating somewhere in the grey area between art and science, between feeler and thinker, between very spontaneous and extremely analytical.

In the last years, I found out about myself that I’m at my best when I feel useful, when I feel like my contribution to something has a result that is helpful and makes someone’s life better. So, I’m doing my best to invest my time and creativity in causes that I’m passionate about. And here I am.”