Being a volunteer is a pride for every American. 

Voluntary movement in the United States is so developed that there is in every small town.

Thousands of Americans every day not only help those who are in trouble.

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But also spend their own time and effort on the development of their communities, actively cooperating with the authorities.

The city of Havre de Grace, which in Maryland is a typical neat and beautiful American town, however, it has its own peculiarity.

Havre de Grace is famous for its art center with a gallery and theater.

Demonstrate their work here can any musician or artist. Interestingly, the center was created thanks to the locals.

The house was built in 1870. He was in a terrible state, so he needed to be repaired.

Five years ago, local people gathered and decided that they wanted to bring the building back to life.

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So the idea arose to create a center, where both locals and visitors could arrange concerts or performances and enjoy them.

Only two people work here: the executive director and her assistant at half-time. And the rest of the work is done by volunteers.

We have over a hundred volunteers who help our center.

They are selling, checking, collecting tickets.We cannot without it.

We even have a board of directors who are also volunteers.

Volunteering here – it’s like a big family where everyone helps each other,

The local authorities are also trying to help, which has attracted investments for the project.

Restoration of the building cost $ 2 million, but the investment quickly returned.

Many tourists come to the city now. In addition to the cultural center, the government takes care of the appearance of the city.

To Havre de Grace was beautiful, helps residents and local businesses to repair their buildings.

Havr de Grace

Many tourists come to town


“We give grants that help them repair their homes or their facade.

We hold various events that attract a large number of people who come to the city,” said Erica Quasenbury, director of the local economic development department.

And nothing of this would have happened if the citizens themselves did not know what they wanted and did not engage in their city.

You need to create your own history, the best part of your community.

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You need to share this information, because you live in this city.

Perhaps you don’t know what makes it special, people don’t see this feature, and together you can find a highlight that will make your city a success,
”Erica Quasenbury added.

Havr de Grace

Citizens constantly take care of their city.


Havr de Grace

Without volunteers, the city would not be so beautiful and interesting.


Over the past few years, for the first time local communities have received real opportunities and resources for the implementation of large infrastructure projects in their cities.

Nearly 7 million citizens have already united in more than 700 territorial communities.

Now they are faced with the biggest challenge: to learn to take the initiative.

Control the considerable resources and power that they have received.

And most importantly, rally around common problems, ideas and dreams.