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Internship – English Teaching – Turkey

Internship: English Teaching Location: Düzce, Turkey Dates: 6 months starting from August/September Number of participants: 1 Organizer: Düzce American Time Language School Apply here: Application form Inquiries about this project: hello@abroadship.org Costs:  €300 to be paid once the participant selected to Abroadship.org… Continue Reading →

Internship – Project Assistant – Turkey

Internship: Project Assistant Location: Düzce, Turkey Dates: 6 months starting from anytime Number of participants: 1 (Male only) Organizer: Düzce American Time Language School Apply here: Application form Inquiries about this project: hello@abroadship.org Costs:  €300 to be paid once the participant selected… Continue Reading →

Youth Exchange – Less Food Loss – Hungary

Youth Exchange: Less Food Loss Location: Hungary Dates: 6-18 August 2019 Number of participants: 7 from UK and in total 35 participants This call is for UK participants only and 18-30 years old! Participating countries: UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary Organizer:… Continue Reading →

Citizen In Action – Summer Camp – Greece

Summer Camp: Citizen In Action Location: Agios Georgios, Elefsina, Greece Dates: 28/06/2019 – 24/07/2019 Number of participants:14 international volunteers Organizer: Citizen In Action Deadline to apply: 10th of June 2019 Inquiries about this project: citizensinaction@gmail.com Costs: There is no participation… Continue Reading →

Networking Career Retraining

Computer and network support technicians are constantly sought after in Great Britain, as organizations are becoming more reliant upon their knowledge and skills. Whereupon our society becomes growingly beholden to our PC’s, we simultaneously inevitably become more reliant on the… Continue Reading →

Scholarship – Japanese Government Scholarships – Japan

Scholarship: Japanese Government Scholarships Location: Japan Participating countries: International Students (Open for all nationality students) Deadline:  May 13, 2019 Inquiries: scholarship-india@nd.mofa.go.jp Costs: Fully Funded 100% Tuition fees + Round-trip airfare + Stipend of 144,000 Yen/ month Scholarship Description Japanese Government Scholarships,… Continue Reading →

Engagement Of Future: Social Entrepreneurship

The basic definition of Social Entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a variety of organizations with different sizes,… Continue Reading →

Research Led Residency – Creative Residency

Research Led Residency: Creative Residency Participating countries: Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand Organizer: Mobility First! – ASEF Cultural Mobility Initiative  Inquiries: training@learntorecreate.com Research Led Residency Duration: 6 weeks, multiple start dates throughout the year Background Learn to Re-create the focus… Continue Reading →

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is actually a psychological situation. This is where the person is comfortable and the things he/she feels like are all right. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? You’re comfortable and you don’t have to be happy? Quite the opposite, because… Continue Reading →

Dreaming Is A Serious Thing

Dreaming is a serious thing. Most people think dreaming of a different future is a fantasy! Is it though? The dreaming is the power of ’recalling the future’, as Stefano d’Anna said. All leaders, who have changed the course of… Continue Reading →

Training Course – Leading From Within 2019 – Portugal

Training Course: Leading From Within 2019 Location: Praia Grande, Portugal Dates: August 16-22, 2019 Number of participants: 14-16 Participating countries: Member state of the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Holy See (Vatican), Georgia, Japan, Malta, Republic of North Macedonia, Malaysia,… Continue Reading →

Procrastination Is Missing The Life

Some think, ”Why I need to do today while I can do tomorrow?” and some think, “Do not leave today’s work tomorrow.” Which group do you belong to? Are you ”procrastinating one” or ”right know one”? Life teaches us; working… Continue Reading →

Workshop – Leadership programme for Global Changemakers 2019 – Kenya

Workshop: Leadership programme for Global Changemakers 2019 in Kenya Location: Nairobi, Kenya Dates: April 7 – 18, 2019 Participating countries: Open for all Organizer: WYSE International Apply here: Application form Deadline to apply: 1 April 2019 Inquiries about this training course:… Continue Reading →

Training Course – Present Learner, Future Leader – Hungary

Training Course: Present Learner, Future Leader Location: Hollókő, Hungary Dates: 26 April – 2 May 2019 Number of participants: 24 Participating countries: Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, United Kingdom Organizer: Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány/Foundation for Youth Awareness (Youth NGO) Apply here: Application… Continue Reading →

Training Course – EUtopia? Diversity in a Changing Europe: Creative youth work lab for rethinking diversity solutions – Latvia

Training Course: EUtopia? Diversity in a Changing Europe: Creative youth work lab for rethinking diversity solutions Location: Riga, Latvia Dates: 6-12 May 2019 Number of participants: 30 Participating countries: Erasmus+:Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Western Balkan countries Organizer: Latvian National Agency… Continue Reading →

10 Team Activities for Fun and Creativity-Promoting Work

Organizing activities that require teamwork can sometimes be annoying. Some activities may be uninteresting, participants can grumble and not want to be involved, but when done well, these meetings can add a lot of value to meeting or training while… Continue Reading →

Time Management Tips for Busy People

We cannot use our time in the most efficient way while dealing with e-mails, numerous meetings and trying to do many things at the same time. What if we try another method to make the best use of our time?… Continue Reading →

Youth Exchange – Empower yourself, catch your dream – Italy

Youth Exchange: Empower yourself, catch your dream Location: Sicily, Italy Dates: 03-11 April 2019 (travel days included) Number of participants: 32 Participating countries: Italy, Croatia, Spain, Romania, France and Greece Age: 6 socio-cultural operators (1 per country) and 24 young people… Continue Reading →

10 Advantages of Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most useful activities for each student. Because you can get a chance to learn a different nation, culture, and country very closely by studying abroad. Here are the 10 advantages of studying abroad: The… Continue Reading →

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