It is a project that originated in the Primary School Agios Antonios in Niocisa, Cyprus. In October 2021, my friend and I, two former volunteers created a project and put the idea into life. Bamboo is a panda teddy bear whose goal was to travel around Europe, and show the children in Cyprus how many benefits there are of being a European citizen and what it really means for them to belong to the EU.

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We sent the panda away from Cyprus to Norway with a friend. He was supposed to pass Bamboo onto someone else who would take him to another country, and so on, and so on. The caretakers of our friend would have to contact us in Cyprus with some information about its location, and some pictures so we and the children in the primary school stay updated about their travels and can learn something new about different European countries.

Bamboo was introduced to children in October 2021. They gave him an identity and made him an ID so he could travel freely. It was a lot of fun for the children to get to know the teddy bear and set him free!


Bamboo spent his last days on the island travelling around Agia Napa, visiting the sea museum, and hanging at the beach.

Just a few days later, the teddy panda boarded the first plane that took him to Volda, Norway, his first destination. He had a wonderful time getting to know the Nordic culture and countryside and exploring Norwegian fiords a lot. He went camping in the forest, learnt how to cook on the fire, and made some new friends.

From Norway, he travelled by car to the Czech Republic. On the way down he saw the snow for the first time in his life! He had a chance to learn how to snowboard. On his way, he saw some of the most beautiful views he has ever seen.

When in the Czech Republic, Bamboo used his connections which resulted in him being accepted to the exchange program at the Zlin University in the animation department! Therefore, he met a lot of foreign students. In addition, one evening, they all hung out in a tea house trying out Sakuracha tea from Japan.

After spending some time in the Czech Republic he found his way to Poland! He traveled by train looking at some beautiful countryside on his way. When in Poland he experienced Polish hospitality and spent a good time at the Polish table trying Christmas pierogi, polish cakes, and decorating the Christmas tree.

It was a very short visit after which the small traveller went back to Norway again! This time he was in a small town called Inderoy. For the second time, he experienced Norwegian traditions. He was buying a Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house, and playing in the snow. It was a very relaxing time!


From Norway, his travels took a twist. He ended up in Egypt! For this travel, he needed a passport but luckily he managed to make one on time! From wintery and cold Norway he went directly to sunny and hot Egypt. It was the second continent Bamboo has visited.

Very soon his small feet took him to another side of the world – to New York City. Bamboo visited the United States. He saw a Broadway show, he went to Times Square, to Wall Street. He went into some trouble with NYPD, New York Police Department.  He visited the Central Perk – as a big fan of ‘’Friends” and got a ticket to a Late Night Show! After the NYC he went to the capital of the country, Washington D.C. where the White House is. Moreover, he saw the monument of Abraham Lincoln, as well as Martin Luther King’s memorial.

After travelling far, he came back to Europe, to Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and the heart quarters of the European Commission. This is the organization thanks to which project Bamboo exists and the center of funding so many wonderful European projects that give opportunities to thousands of people!

Now Bamboo considered himself a citizen of the world. He’s been to many places and he didn’t want to stay too long in Europe. His next adventure took him to Colombia! As a result, he spent there almost two weeks exploring Medellin and Bogota. There was a lot of music, food, and dancing. Luckily, the panda speaks a little bit of Spanish, too. It helped him to communicate in Colombia!


After spending a wonderful time in Colombia he came back to Europe. This time, however, he went to the south, to Italy! Bamboo has met with Giulia, originally Italian living now in Belgium. After a long trip, they reached Italy together! While in the city of Mira in Italy, Bamboo met 12 little human beings between 3 and 5 years old. He told them about his adventures around Europe and how much is important to act together in order to reach our goals, such as preserving the planet and peace. The kids told him about what they are doing in order to help save bees.  And they gave a gift to Bamboo: a brand new suitcase that he can use to collect souvenirs from his journey. While staying with them, Bamboo danced, played, and told them some secrets😉, but mostly…he received TONS of cuddles and kisses!


Bamboo arrived in Nicosia safe and sound. The kids welcomed him after being away for a very long time! To sum up: It’s been an exciting year! Bamboo visited: Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt, the United States, Colombia, Belgium, and Italy! Bamboo around Europe has been created to teach children from Nicosia more about the benefits of belonging to the European Union and the ease of moving around its territories. The project with time converted from Bamboo around Europe into “Bamboo around the world” 🌍😂 which allowed the students to learn more about other parts of the world, too!

The panda has been to 4 continents and he experienced a lot: he saw Norwegian nature and its beautiful fiords, he hiked, climbed, skateboarded. He spent Christmas in Norway baking cookies and playing in the snow, he went to the university and met a lot of friends! He went for the show of making Japanese tea. He was in Times Square and in front of the White House. He partied in Medellin and spent some time in Egypt, too. He went to Italy to meet with the most amazing group of children that gave him a lot of hugs and kisses! 🤩 As a founder I could not imagine the project going any better!