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Internships / Traineeships / Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are legally binding and involve a contract. Their duration is clear, as is what you will be learning. They make up part of an education or training programme combining practical, work-related training in the workplace and theoretical education in class. The European Alliance of Apprenticeships is working to boost the number and quality of apprenticeships across the EU.

Traineeships can be described as ‘work practice’. They give the trainee the chance to log some work experience hours and usually run from a few weeks to six months. There can be a blurred line between a trainee and someone working through their probationary period after having been hired. This is something that is clarified in the terms of the job contract. Unlike apprenticeships they are not linked to recognised qualifications.

Internships are usually shorter and frequently carried out by people looking for experience before job hunting. Usually internships are reserved for positions in professional fields – a law student may intern at a law firm over the summer. A science student will intern in a laboratory and so on. As with traineeships, these are not linked to recognised qualifications.

Paid Job at UNESCO – Paris, France

Paid Job at UNESCO in Paris, France What: Paid Job Where: Paris, France Deadline: 10.10.2018 Organizer: UNESCO Eligibility: Advanced university degree (Master’s level or equivalent) in languages, translation or a closely related field. Link to apply: Application form Paid Job at… Continue Reading →

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