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Lean traveling

How traveling boosts personal and professional development?

That moment when your plane touches down in your destination country is priceless. Traveling is the best way for you to boost your personal and professional development. Every one of us here is willing to catch a plane, train or… Continue Reading →

Travel pass to explore Europe

Travel pass to explore Europe Dates: Summer 2018 Number of participants: up to 15.000 Participating countries: EU Countries Organizer: European Comission Deadline to apply: June 2018 (Details to be released soon) Date of Selection: 1st phase: June 2018 || 2nd phase: July-September… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and Happy Yellow Earth Dog Year Abroad

Dear visitors dear travelers dear abroadship’ers dear volunteers dear educators dear participants co-trainers supporters thank you for this magnificent year! it was full of intensivity and growth full of magic and surprises full of opportunities abroad for you and challenges… Continue Reading →

Choose Lean Traveling

After reading a book Lean Startup and article 5 reasons not to quit the job and travel around the world I want to invent a concept – lean traveling. Like cross-pollination among plants, lean concept was suddenly transferred to a traveling field. Lets begin… Continue Reading →

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