Contact Making Seminar: Gamestorming

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 14-20 November 2021

Number of participants: 31

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, Spain

Organizer: La Vibria Intercultural

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: November 8 2021

Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at


  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • Covid19 related costs (testing, quarantine accommodation, masks, etc.) are the participants’ responsibility.
  • Traveling are covered up to maximum of:
    • €0/participant for Spain
    • €275/participant for United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Latvia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Spain
    • €360/participant for Lithuania, Estonia,
  • Programme fee is £25, payable immediately after acceptance


Download the infopack here: Erasmus plus contact making seminar – Gamestorming – Barcelona – Spain –

Download the PDF file .

“Gamestorming: Gamification in Youth Information aims to be the meeting point and platform to share and exchange different practices and ideas to implement games and non-formal education methods in the way of providing information to the youth.


  1. To share good practices in the field of youth information related to gamification techniques
  2. To promote inspiration to youth workers, so that they can develop their own tools for information dynamization based on gamification techniques to be used in daily work
  3. To analyse and reconsider the way in which information is dynamized for the youth
  4. To share different realities and needs in order to find common interests and challenges with the network of partners
  5. To promote active participation and implication of the youth in informative sessions
  6. To create a solid partner network with a common interest in using methods for the dynamization of information and to plan future projects to put the results into practice

Participant profile

Gamestorming: Gamification in Youth Information is a CMS aimed at Youth workers from the 17 participating organisations who are in direct contact with their communities.

The ideal candidate is a youth worker,  facilitator or teacher who is in daily contact with youth,  providing them with information.  Ideally,  the participant should be able to take this seminar as a platform to share and exchange different practices and ideas to implement games and non-formal education methods in the way of providing information to the youth.. It is required for the participant to be able to work in English and to attend the full duration of the seminar.


    Arrival day: 14/11/2021 (during the day, preferably before 7PM)
    Departure day: 20/11/2021 (feel free to leave during the day)

How to get to the venue?

InOut Hostel – Major del Rectoret, 2 08017 Barcelona

From the airport,   take the Aerobús blue shuttle service,  which passes through terminal 1 and terminal 2. The journey to Plaza de Catalunya costs less than € 6 and lasts only 30 minutes.

Once there, take the FGC train on line S1 or S2 towards Sabadell or Terrassa and get off at the Baixador de Vallvidrera stop. Exit at the exit ‘Barri del Rectoret’ and follow the road up to the Hostal.


  •  Eagerness to learn, share, positive mood and a lot of energy!
  • Refillable bottle for water.
  • Personal hygiene things, medicine you usually take, other things you need for personal comfort and well-being.
  • Brochures,  flyers  or  presentation  materials  about  your  organization/ work -share what you do locally.
  • Despite not being a Youth Exchange,  you will have the opportunity to share whatever you want from your area, culture, customs, traditions. So feel free and welcome to bring some food, drinks, songs, etc.


The venue “InOut Hostel” is located on the hill of Collserola. Collserola is Barcelona’s natural park, making it the lung of the metropolitan area. Due to  being  surrounded  by  the  forest,  you  will  be  able  to  enjoy  the Mediterranean flora and fauna, especially the wild boars, which are the most emblematic inhabitants of the area. This wonderful location is ideal for walks,   hikes or morning/ evening running, as well as being just 15 minutes by train from the centre of Barcelona.

Depending on your room, you may have private or common bathroom, i.e. personal hygiene facilities. All rooms are separated by modules. Participants will have access to common areas with WIFI, fridge, microwave, and an outdoor sports ground. All meals will be served in the venue restaurant – unless  indicated  otherwise.  We  will  let you know more in detail 2 weeks before the seminar.

Address: Major del Rectoret, 2 – 08017




The reimbursement is conditioned to active and full participation in the programme. We highly recommend travelling by land, using bus/train if possible. This recommendation has 2 aspects: Ecological and Health. In Spain visitors coming by flight face more severe restrictions than those coming by land.

As for bus, we recommend FlixBus:

If possible, travel together with a participant from your country (come in the same plane, bus, train which will make our and your organisation much easier).

Please consult with us about your travel plan in advance and do not buy the tickets without previous confirmation from our side.

NOTE: Please arrange your travel plan in advance and book economy class tickets and the cheapest route possible to get to the project venue and back home. Taxi costs or other transport methods different from public transportation are not eligible costs.


Gamestorming: Gamification in Youth Information is funded  by Erasmus+. We have chosen a standard quality accommodation and meals, the  same  that  we  would  be  offering  to  our  friends  and  family.  As  a reminder, the focus of this event is strictly educational, so do not expect a stay in a 5* hotel. 3 Meals per day, refreshments, accommodation, and a full learning programme are covered. Please do not worry, you will get all the necessary. Later on we will send you a form to know about your dietary needs, so you can find us ready.


We strongly recommend that the participants be fully vaccinated, as the vaccination certificate exempts the travelers from COVID-19 testing before travelling to Spain and going back home. The fee of COVID-19 testing will be incumbent on the participants and not subject to reimbursement. We may arrange testing from a laboratory, in case somebody need it. If a participant turns COVID-19 positive in the testing occurring before the arrival to Spain, we commit to fully reimburse his/her travel  expenses,  given  the  provision  of  a  positive  verifiable  certificate. Participants also need to fully respect the health protocol imposed by the authorities at the time of the seminar, the safety measures that apply to group events. These measures are subject to fast changes, however, we commit to communicating them with you 2 weeks prior to the seminar. Please  count  on  wearing  masks,  keeping  distance,  and  washing  hands regularly.


The hosting organization does not cover travel and health insurance. European Health Card is mandatory. Each participant shall have a valid health insurance and it is strongly recommended to have a travel insurance during participation in the seminar. Please consider purchasing also an additional COVID-19 travel insurance.


If you want to receive more details about the project before applying, feel free to contact our partner organization from your country of residence or send directly the application form via the e-mail address in the table below. Furthermore, you will get the confirmation letter with the practical details regarding the online preparation and the training itself. Do NOT book your tickets unless you receive a confirmation letter from us.

  • COSI Civic Orientation and Social Integration <>
  • Silvia Patru <>
  • Nives Felić <>
  • Greek Youth Mobility <>
  • Youth Bridges Budapest <>
  • Alexandre Fonseca <>
  • Greta Kunickytė <>
  • JO Ligzda <>
  • European Youth Centre Břeclav <>
  • Diliana Vuchkova <>
  • Fundacja Sempre a Frente <>
  • Katarina Tonžetić <>
  • youth id <>
  • Pavel SHOKKIN <>