Dreaming is a serious thing. Most people think dreaming of a different future is a fantasy! Is it though?

The dreaming is the power of ’recalling the future’, as Stefano d’Anna said. All leaders, who have changed the course of history, have the power to see things that others will only notice years later. If Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mandela were to imagine a world where everyone was equal, there would be no way to go against racism. If Christopher Columbus was not imagined that he would go westwards to the east, if the Wright brothers had not dreamed of flying, if Steve Jobs had not imagined that people could domesticate technology; it would not have existed in the world today.

In order to see something, one must first ‘dream’ to it and then go after it and fight to realize it. The man-made thing we saw around us was first alive in someone’s dream. Every invention, every artwork, every innovation, every solution first begins with a dream, and then this dream is embodied by the power of analysis and synthesis of the mind. Everything that man produces first comes into existence in his dreams and then in real life.

I have a dream Martin Luther Kİng

“I have a dream” Martin Luther King

The majority perceives dreaming as an impossible, impossible realization. However, dreaming is very different from wishing to be impossible.

The wish is to ask for something that we don’t have and hope that it will happen without fulfilling its requirements. The dream is to be aware of what people can do, to plan for a different future from today. Dreaming is to dream of getting ready to go after obstacles to overcome obstacles. Rather than accepting what is happening, dreaming means seeing it with a different eye and redefining it.

People are what they dream. Nobody can get anywhere beyond their dreams. Nobody has anything beyond their dreams. Nobody can be human beyond their dreams. Life, like a prophecy that proves itself in what we imagine, the courage to imagine, we will take it on our way.

The history of civilization is the history of people who are not satisfied with the present, who want more, and who dream of the invisible. Dreaming is the desire to make something good, good, good for people, their loved ones, society and the world in which they live. It is taking the initiative to realize this desire.

The difference between the leaders who have changed the fate of an organization or a society is neither their experience nor their charisma. The strongest of these leaders is their ability to dream. This is the case in our individual lives. In fact, the most influential people are people who stick to their dreams despite all the difficulties. People who have never abandoned their dreams at all costs have inspiring stories that attract others as magnets.

Dreaming is a very serious thing. The ones who will bring to our lives the goodness and the beauty that we do not know today are the people who are dealing with these very serious things today.

After all, be brave and run after your dreams to make them happen in your life!