Training Course: Eastern Project Lab

Location: Kütahya, Turkey

Dates: 5-12 February 2018


Number of participants: 37

Participating countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Jordan, Lithuania, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom

Organizer: Synaos Fikir Kulübü – Synaos Think Thank Association (NGO/Others)

Apply here: Application Form

Deadline to apply: 10 December 2017

Deadline to selection: 12 December 2017

Inquiries about this training course: Cüneyt Köşe at:


1) Max. amount for travel reimbursement per participants and country:
* 180 Euro – Bulgaria
* 275 Euro – Albania, (FYROM)Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Jordan, Lithuania, Georgia Bosnia&Herzegovina, Romania
* 360 Euro – Norway, Sweden, UK
* 530 Euro – Portugal, Morocco
There is no travel fee of Turkish participants

When we get your original arrival and return boarding passes, tickets and invoices then reimbursement will be your bank accounts after final report result. (If there is any transfer cost by the banks, it will cover from everyone travel cost, we will not cover it) You should to know without all this documents, no any reimburse, so please dont lost your any kind of documents.(Espically Boarding Passes) If you want to learn detailed travel cost from your home town to project place then please contact with us for that info.

Visa Cost for participants from UK and Portugal: Each participant from both countrues can receive 25 Euro reimbursement for visa cost. The other nations dont not need visa to enter Turkey.

2) The organiser, we will provide and cover accommodation and food.

3) There is no participation fee.

Eastern Project Lab

Training Course

5-12 February 2018 | Kütahya, Turkey

Youth Exchanges under Erasmus +/Youth in action are more than just a gathering of young people for a given period. They allow international experience and indeph intercultural exchange. This training course offers a learning experience for participants.

It’s objectives are:
•To provide information about the Erasmus + Programme in the field of youth and especially Key Action 1- Youth exchanges.
•To create opportunities for building partnerships between Eastern and Western countries within the Erasmus + Programme.
•To develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to organise a successful youth exchange with a special focus on youth participation.
•To bring together Eastern and Western People working with youngsters in order to create new project ideas of youth exchanges within Key Action 1 of the Erasmus + Programme.

•To lead discussion and provide training on project management; time management; risk and conflict management
•To advise on application preparation
•To improve project management and raise project quality.
•To increase understanding of quality demands of the youth exchanges with special attention to active youth participation:
o Equal partnerships and preparation (co-creation of the idea and coownership of the project);
o Quality of project design as a core (youth exchange project management);
o Quality of content and methodology: non-formal learning, intercultural learning, European dimension, active participation;
o Quality of project reach (visibility of the programme and the project, dissemination and exploitation of results, follow-up).
Working methods will be a combination of :
1. Getting-to-know-you activities, reflection and continuous assessment to facilitate group work and to assess learning;
2. Collaborative practice showcase and field visits to share experiences, good practices and ideas in order to conduct a common inquiry into the realities of different countries and contexts;
3. Experience panels and expert presentation of local and international experiences/topics with questions afterwards in plenary;
4. Workshops run by the participants to test methods and tools and to present projects and policies to understand the complexities of youth exchanges in local and international contexts;
5. Plenary sessions connected to the corresponding experiential sessions;
6. Open space to deepen the general knowledge for project building and the creation of networks and partnerships according to areas of interest and fields of work;
7. One2one and evening activities: breaks and evening time to meet, discuss topics and interests and build partnerships to develop new projects and strategies.



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