Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally got engaged on 23rd December 2018 after 8 years since they got engaged for the first time. You probably don’t care about it and think why is this article even posted on Abroadship. We all know for that crazy 2013 when she had an iconic performance on MTV VMAs with her tongue out, but do you know where Miley and Liam met for the first time? They met on the set for a movie named “The Last Song”. Did you know that Miley volunteered by caring about turtles in the movie?

turtles - turtles –[/caption]

Well, you can finally feel like Miley Cyrus in “The Last Song”! Sea Turtle Conservancy – a public organization that has been taking care of sea turtles for several years is looking for volunteers to help them save animal lives. You will be responsible for monitoring the lighting of the territories adjacent to the beaches so that the creeping turtle is noticed in time in the dark and not crippled. Check here for more info or check Abroadship homepage to find more amazing organizations which are looking for volunteers.