Comfort zone is actually a psychological situation. This is where the person is comfortable and the things he/she feels like are all right. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? You’re comfortable and you don’t have to be happy? Quite the opposite, because if you’re in the Comfort Zone, there’s something you’ve probably missed. This takes you away from the adventure, from new love, from new things like getting professional opportunities. Because you know that everything is comfortable there, far from new and complicated things. You can’t try to get to the state you dreamed, my comfort would not deteriorate. You feel mentally safe, and in this way, your happiness will stay away from the constants and concerns at a certain point. The subconscious says to you, “Everything is more important than doing something better than doing something good.” In short, you can live without breaking the shell.

While reading, you may be saying that I’m not like this, but remember that you’ll see this in 9 out of every 10 people around you and you’ll probably be on the list. The Comfort Zone status can be determined by different methods, as well as by yourself. Moving out of this safe zone will not only help you become more productive, but it can also encourage your creativity, make it easier for you to be more flexible in the future, and contribute to your happiness in learning new things in your life. Your confidence will be in place and you will have control of your life. Do you still want to stay in your safe area? How to get out of the Comfort Zone? So how do you do all this?


Start With Baby Steps

As a Chinese thinker says, even a thousand kilometers of journeys begin with a single step, and you should start practicing in small steps. You’il start feeling more comfortable. Baby steps will reduce your feeling of concern. Remember, one night’s success is hard to achieve, so you’re not trying to do that.

Get Information

Unknown situations scare you and we imagine the worst possible scenario outside the known safe zone. Therefore, we must train ourselves to overcome the Comfort Zone. The aim is to learn the skill and activity you are trying to achieve. To do this, talk to people who do the same, read books and investigate it. Remember, knowledge is power, and the more you know about something, the less you will fear and the stronger you will feel.

Try New Things

Every little thing you do is deviate from the routine you’re used to, a step outside the comfort zone. For example; While going to work or school, it may be simple to follow a different route, read a new book or climb a mountain. Always be open to different things.

Change The Thinking Way

Changing your thoughts, having a new perspective will help you to take action. Imagine the challenges you face as a chance for growth and growth and they don’t have to be your fears. The biggest obstacle in your failure to leave the Comfort Zone is fear, especially fear of failure. Therefore, instead of focusing on failure, see the steps that come before you as an opportunity.

Believe In Yourself

People’s biggest concern is being seen as stupid, being judged, to look like one is not, please do not concern what somebody else says about you. The thing is, how much people think about what you think, that’s what you think. In other words, he/she thinks in the same way. So don’t worry, don’t care who says what.

Take Responsibilities

We are all what we would do and what we did. No one takes responsibility for your mistakes and unhappiness. Believe in yourself completely and accept yourself with everything you do, it verifies the mistakes, it’s all yours. Don’t be afraid, take action to force your limits.

Stay Positive

Life will not always go as you expect, there will be times when you encounter a negative result. Something that makes you feel shaken and scared. The trick is not to let anything stop you from crossing your Comfort Zone. Accept that there will be negative results. This is a natural part of the process. See and continue as a feedback in order to make all these negatives better for you. All the ups and downs you bring will bring you to the destination faster.

Start With The Things That Procrastinated

If you have something like asking something to someone, prepare this list and do one of the things you write. Even if you start from the simplest, you will force your limits when you do what you resist to do for some time. You will gain the energy and confidence you need by making your lists sequentially and deleting your actions from that list.


Whether you send happiness to the universe or faith, your smile returns to you as smile and happiness. If you feel ineffective and inefficient, the reason is the lack of a hormone of happiness. Smile and make someone smile to be happy. So your energy comes in, your mind is opened, your creativity is increased, and you’re looking at the little surprises, your day is much better than you think.