Crimes, conflicts and wars are among the mainstream media.

But what little they know is that there are organizations that use technology to help create a better world.

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Here are some of the most motivating peace initiatives around the world.


Search For Common Ground

This international NGO is trying to resolve conflicts in a creative way.

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The non-governmental organization was founded in 1982 and uses media such as media, sports, drama, music to end conflicts.

The NGO has 50 headquarters in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.


Peacetube is an application Facebook that still works.

But which is designed to connect people with different political affiliations around the world.

The Peacetube user connects and the app contacts him with another user in another country.

The two get to know through chat, finding common points of discussion.

Thus, they can reveal their identity, becoming friends on Facebook.

The Center for Media & Peace Initiatives (CMPI)

This NGO promotes conflict resolution, forming media professionals and promoting the role of the media in peacekeeping.

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The NGO organizes various training projects, ranging from courses where young people talk about the role of journalism to professional development programs for journalists in Africa.

Peace Innovation Lab

This initiative belongs to Stanford University and is aimed at research in the field of innovation and social networks to contribute to positive changes.

This initiative is supported by researchers and collaborators around the world.

With developing laboratories in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mexico and France. 


United Religions Initiative (URI)

It is a network that promotes peace and justice by bringing together people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

There are over 569 member organizations around the world who promote interethnic dialogue.

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Help conflict mediation and implement programs that focus on young people, women and environmental issues.

The URI is active in 83 different countries, with regional offices in India, Pakistan, Korea, Jordan, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Germany, the Philippines, Latin America and the USA.