Application approved ✔   Packed bag ✔ Flight checked-in ✔   Money ✔

All is ready for your Erasmus+ journey to begin. You can’t wait to learn new, exciting concepts, meet inspiring people doing cool things and have fun. It is going to be great💛

But wait, have you not forgotten something? The bigger picture, the world? Travelling might be great for you, opening the curtain and exposing beauty, innovation and different. But every journey adds new pressure on the environment, planet and ultimately on us, people. Here are five small 👣 you can take to make your journey nature loving.

  1. Getting about: I’m sure you know how damaging GHG are for the planet but you have no choice than plane. Now what? While in town make sure you get about by foot (how better to explore the surroundings?), bike or transport in common. If you want to go the extra mile (no pun intended) check out this website, to inspire you with ways of compensating your CO2 footprint:
  2. Food: Sure, Erasmus+ provides this BUT do you appreciate the environmental cost and hard work put into producing each plate of free food? If you do, serve only what you can eat: Love Food, Waste Not ;) If leftover are unavoidable check this for inspiration   
  3. Extras: This is cliché but it’s crazy how many are unaware of water bottles, reusable coffee/tea cups, no/bamboo/paper etc straw and so many other alternatives to everyday plastics which are forced down our throat by society. There are ALWAYS alternatives.
  4. Be kind and mindful with your actions and speech. You are an integral part the the world, people and nature together, so everything you say and so will have an impact.
  5. Share your journey and let others know how awesome your journey and environmental swaps are. Inspire them to take part in Erasmus+ and save Earth at the same time

Here it is. This is of course only a drop in the ocean but a small drop leads to large ripples. Next time you are about to hop on a journey, remember your impact.  

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. I’ll happily answer.


Happy Journeys

MindFull Elena