Reduce plastic

The plastic waste is nowadays a very discussed topic. When we want to reduce it, the best thing is to have our own meal set. It may include re-usable travel bowl, cutlery, bottle, straw, bag, or whatever which prevents wastage of plastics. In many shops you can ask them to give your food or drink in your own pack. There is available a lot of travel sets you may buy and they don’t even take up much space. The meal set is really useful, you never know when you will need it.

Use public transport

Unfortunately, flying produces the most amount of carbon per passenger. So, whenever we can and time permitting, we try to take the bus or train, which can also be a great way to do some sight seeing en route.

Support local economies

To help benefit the local communities you should eat and shop locally, stay in local preferably eco friendly accommodation, travel with local transport provider and look for an eco-friendly local tour company what may be an adventure and make your travel more experiential.

Use e-tickets

An e-ticket offers many advantages for both travelers and companies, including security, flexibility, cost and convenience. At the same time, it usually also provides the standard assurances of the traditional paper ticket, such as seating choice, travel time options and other flexibilities and reduces waste produced.

Unplug your home

Unplugging appliances to save energy and prevent fire hazards. Cost savings and energy conservation are the only reasons to disconnect things. Power fluctuations can result in fatal electrical fires in homes, which you can avoid by keeping them unplugged when not in use.

Leave it better than you found it

This phrase is officially used as leave everyone better than you found them, what means have a positive impact on everyone you come in contact with. We may interpret it with places where we travel to. Always leave the place better may mean e.g. to collect waste and leave the place cleaner or leave a piece of paper in the hotel room with a link for the cleaner with thanks for her work.