That moment when your plane touches down in your destination country is priceless. Traveling is the best way for you to boost your personal and professional development. Every one of us here is willing to catch a plane, train or bus and go on an adventure somewhere around the world. With this short article we would like to tell you why you should grab every opportunity on your way and experience the best of it!

Exploring the world can open your mind and give your life-changing opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on an Erasmus+ training course, youth exchange, conference, EVS, or a seminar. Everything is an opportunity for you to travel, to learn more and grow a better person.

Why do you need to be traveling more often?

Traveling more often has much more long-term benefits on your personal and professional development. Exploring places, cultures, and people habits can affect positively on your decision-making skills, especially if you are in your 20s. When you are traveling you need to make decisions independently and sometimes really fast. In that way, you’re practicing and improving your decision-making skills, which are important and useful for your future career.

With traveling you meet new people and interact with them. Interaction with people from different parts of the world will boost your communication skills. Visiting new destinations and gain knowledge from people with different background is essential for your personal and professional growth. If you’re a closed person, traveling can help you to become a “people” person. As a result of your travel experience, you can learn new languages, cultures, and norms, but most important is that you can meet people who can become your close friends.

Traveling for fun or/and traveling for going on an Erasmus+ event will increase resiliency. By attending sessions and training you will face challenges and new ideas. You will be able to try new things and experience new cultures by trying their food, beverages, traditional dance and more.

Also, you can present your habits, language, music and show to your new friends the beauty of your country and culture.

It is amazing how much you can learn and grow with travelling. Just start with small steps. Plan some short trips and events. Give it a try and we promise you that soon you will become addicted to new places and events.

If you are lost and do not know where to go next, check out our latest Erasmus+ events and start planning your next travel experience!


By Aleksandra Krstevska

Creative and Human Resource Director