Where: Rome, Italy

When: March 9 – 12, 2019

Grant: partial payment of expenses

The International  Festival in Rome is a platform where young talents, representatives of institutions, companies, NGOs, and international organizations gather.

International Career Festival in Italy will take place in Rome from March 9 to March 12, 2019.

The festival has a capacity of 3,500 participants.

The international festival consists of 4 main projects. Each participant can take part in the project that is best suited for him / her (education, professional aspirations, common interest):

UN Model. UN Diplomatic Simulation. The project is recommended for students who study international relations, diplomacy, political science, law.

Business games. Simulation of business realities, within which there will be a competition of real business cases.

Recommended for students studying business, economics, management, marketing, computer science.

Press games. Simulations in the field of journalism and mass media (web, television, radio).

Recommended for students studying communications, media, advanced and interpretation, literature, philosophy.

International Career Course. Training course with a practical workshop necessary for a successful international career.

Recommended for students studying any discipline.
Participation in the international festival is paid.

But the organizers offer scholarships.

Participation fee – 250 €. This price includes: participation in training programs, preparatory materials, access to the online forum, online preparatory meetings (3 meetings for 3 hours each), delegate’s set, lunches, certificate.

The organizers offer 250 scholarships that fully or partially pay the cost of participation in the conference and accommodation.

Full scholarship pays registration fee, room and board.

Partial scholarship pays only registration fee. The scholarship does not pay transportation costs.

Requirements for candidates:
students of the senior classes (last 2 classes), students (bachelor’s, masters, graduate students), university graduates who received a diploma no more than 1 year ago can apply;
English is required (level B1-B2), for scholarships – level C1.
How to apply?

The application is submitted online (CV must be attached).

Scholarship. After filling in the online application form, you will have access to the website of the International Festival, where you can pay a membership fee of 15 €.

As soon as you pay the fee, you will need to pass an English proficiency test.

If you type at least 90 out of 100, you will be given access to a scholarship application.

Where you will need to answer a series of questions, attach a CV and write an essay.

Details on the website of the organizers.