Hello and welcome to our Journal of Video Branding – B.O.M.B., standing for Building Organisation’s Media Brand.

For all of us, who are part of not-for profit and social initiatives, it is always tricky to spread our message compared to for profit initiatives. We are aware or we should become aware that branding and namely the video presence of our initiative is the second element we have to build (after our website). Nowadays technology allows us to create video productions without expensive equipment. Smartphones, laptops and other low cost gadgets can offer high quality video productions.

Journal of B.O.M.B. is an invitation to get inspired to create videos for social enterprises. Lets use different multimedia and learn-by-doing methods to brand organisations.

This Journal was born out of a training course B.O.M.B., which was held 6-15 November 2018 in London. During training course 34 partcipants from 10 countries for 8 days created lots of media, including 12 promotional video productions for 8 London based non-profit initiatives. Here we would like to share the findings. Project is organised by Abroadship.org, a centre of opportunities abroad, and funded by Erasmus+.

Abroadship.org. Download it here: http://abroadship.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Journal-B.O.M.B..pdf