Internship: Montessori Teaching

Location: India

Duration: 4-12 months

Dates: placement available from June to November, since the academic year of Indian schools is from June to March. April and May will be summer holiday for the schools.

Aim: practice Montessori method and procedures with the guidance and leadership of a more experienced Montessori teachers.

Open to: no qualification is needed, open to anyone, who has a genuine interest in learning Montessori method

Total number of interns in all programmes: 600

Organizer in India: Sagreen International Educational Trust

Partner for logistics and preparation of interns in UK and Europe: Abroadship

Wage and Fees: You as intern can be paid (if qualify!), a monthly wage (internship stipend) of €205/month, which is an average Indian teacher salary. Even if you are paid a mothly wage, you still have to pay fees, which cover accommodation, food, internet, other organised services, certificate of successful completion, airport pick-up and drop (24h), preparation of legal documents for registration in foreigner’s registration office, advice and support from lawyers to sort out all legal issues. Fee does not cover the ticket to India and VISA to India. Qualified interns (look below) will get a monthly stipend paid (around €205 which is equivalent to the monthly salary of Indian teacher), but will still have to pay a fee.

  • €650 for 4 months
  • €750 for 8  months
  • €850 for 12 months.

Given you qualify for the stipend, your earnings are:

  • €205 x 4 months stipend – €650 for 4 months = €170 over 4 months
  • €205 x 8 months stipend – €750 for 8  months = €890 over 8 months
  • €205 x 12 months stipend – €850 for 12 months = €1610 over 12 months

Monthly stipend: only in case you are qualified intern, you will get a monthly stipend of around €205, which is equivalent to the monthly salary of Indian teacher. Qualified intern should fit into one of the categories:

  1. You possess Montessori Training certificate
  2. You are experienced in Montessori Training and confident to handle Montessori classes without the assistance of a regular Teacher.

Important: even though you are qualified and eligible to get a monthly stipend, you will still have to pay a fee (check above).

Apply here: send motivation letter and CV to

Questions and inquiries: Contact Here

Montessori Teaching Internship in India

Excellent opportunity to practice Montessori Method and Procedures with the guidance and leadership of a more experienced Montessori teachers (directress). Through this shared practice and guidance, the intern gains experience and demonstrates increased competency as a Montessori teacher.

Highlights of Montessori Teaching Internship in India:

  • Prepare and maintain a beautiful, develop mentally-appropriate classroom environment
  • Serve as a guide between the child and the prepared environment
  • Present Montessori materials and lessons to the children, demonstrating proper Montessori principles
  • Provide children with opportunities for choice, decision making, problem solving, independence, and responsibility
  • Plan and implement group activities
  • Effectively communicate with children and  parents
  • Work as a team member with other Montessori teachers
  • Actively observe individual children, analyzing and documenting individual growth and learning, evaluating objectives and helping to prepare professional reports
  • Attend and participate in parent-teacher conferences
  • Actively participate in self-evaluation and shared inquiry with the master teacher
  • Duration of the internship is 4 to 6 months
  • Free booklet on basic Montessori teaching method and procedures
  • Free accommodation, food, transportation, internet and other organized services
  • Free two day beach holiday upon arrival
  • Expert guidance and 24/7 support to internees
  • Experiences certificate after successful completion of the internship
  • Internship is open from June-to-March of every year (Academic year)

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

Location of internship in India depends on the vacancy of the application and agreement between participant and organizers: Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Punjab, Haryana, Assam, Chattisgarh, etc.