Lets share great opportunities to the world!

What do we promote?

We welcome opportunities abroad: Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Seminars and Conferences funded by Erasmus+ from you or your initiative / community / organisation you founded or belong.

How it works?

To share via our network, we invite you to fill the application form. We will post your opportunity during a time period of one week after filling in the application form.

We want to note that for posting through our platform you need to have a prepared infopack and a poster or representative picture of your opportunity.

What else?

If you think you have an exeptional traveling+learning opportunity that does not fit the critereas described above or want to collaborate with us in any other way: posting good quality content blog posts, developing a project together or being a partner, volunteering or having an internship in Abroadship.org – feel free to contact us at hello@abroadship.org