Online course: Healing with the Arts

Dates: any time

Duration: 14 hours

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Participating countries: any country

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Organizer: University of Florida at Coursera


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Healing with the Arts

Through art projects—including visual arts, dance, writing, and music—along with spiritual practices and guided imagery, Healing With the Arts gives you the tools to heal what you need to heal in your life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


WEEK 1: 3 hours to complete

Course Introduction

This week will give you an overview of the course, an introduction to your guides, a get-started kit, and space to do art.

Welcome! Why Should I Take This Course?
Mary’s Story
Michael’s Story
Creating Sacred Space
Michael Creating Sacred Space
Making Time and Space
Guided Imagery Overview
Reclaim Your Inner Artist
Reclaim Your Inner Healer
Artist and Healer as One
Pain and Darkness
Releasing the Inner Critic
Releasing Inner Critic Guided Imagery
Finding Your Essence Guided Imagery
Student Exemple: Chelsea Painting
Healing with the Arts Website and Facebook

WEEK 2: 2 hours to complete

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Intro
The Eyes of an Artist
Mary Painting
Michael Talks Sculpting
Intuitive Painting
Mandala Art Exercise
Create a Mandala
Collage: Studio Visit
Gina’s Home Studio
Gina Collage
Spirit Animals
Student Example with Chelsea

WEEK 3: 2 hours to complete


Music Intro
Music Guided Imagery
Musical Welcome with Cathy
Music in Healthcare Settings
Singing Bowls
Cathy on Piano
Just Play
Kelly Talks Toning
Kelly Toning
Emi & Nina Singing
Dream Journal

WEEK 4: 2 hours to complete


Creative Movement
Movement Guided Imagery
Michael Movement Intro
Michael Bear Dance
Movement Intro
The Sacred Groove
Contact Improv Dance
Dance of Liberation
Dance Montage
Embodiment of Movement
James Dancing
Emi Dancing
Mirror Dancing

WEEK 5: 2 hours to complete


Power of Words
Word Introduction with Michael
Bringing in the Light
Creative Heart
Keri Spoken Word
Leena’s Introduction
Leena’s Poems (Attention: Explicit Language and Subject Matter)
Patricia’s Introduction
The Purple Dragon
Words from Patricia
Jai Maa Introduction
Jai Maa Performance

WEEK 6: 2 hours to complete


Being the Light
Ari’s Project
Jeena Henna with Cancer Patients
Keri’s Theater Project
Lizzy in Garden
Alex’s Vision Quest
Physiology of Art and Healing with Michael
Arts and Medicine Research
Healing with Dance Research