Online course: Peace Insights : Training of Trainers in Peace Education

Dates: 12-20 December 2020

Participating countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain

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Number of participants: 35

Organizer: Libre-pensadores de la Sierra de Madrid

Deadline to apply: 3 December 2020

Date of Selection: 5 December 2020

Inquiries about this project: Jose Barrios at


Participation fee
We believe in one thing, the power of peace education and the right for all to have an opportunity. That is why, thanks to the ERASMUS+ scheme, we are able to provide this training for you for free.

Accommodation and food
Organizers will cover all the costs

Travel reimbursement
Online activity

Peace Insights : Training of Trainers in Peace Education

A 5-day training course on the tools for trainers in Peace Education. With a special focus on nonviolent conflict transformation and communication. At the end of the training every participant will create a project and receive a certificate

Peace Insights’ project was designed by the group of international youth workers and activists — members of YPAN — working in the peacebuilding field. As young people we believe that peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is also defined as the attitudes, institutions and structures that build and sustain peaceful societies. Being able to build peace means for us to have the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, nonviolently and with creativity. Those capacities in peacebuilding needs to be learned, but very often our school systems do not ensure teaching based on the human rights and culture of peace approaches. That’s why we want to show you the way, so you can lead others in the field and bring a sustainable peace in COVID times.

The training will take between:
12-13 of December (Sat-Sun) & 18-20 of December (Fri-Sun)
The objectives are:

  • to develop participants` understanding of concepts of peace, human rights and peace education at personal, interpersonal, planetary and institutional level;
  • to gain practical skills in nonviolent conflict transformation which could be incorporated into education with young people;
  • to develop participants skills in non-violent communication and emotional literacy as basis of peace education;
  • to develop participants’ competence to design, run and evaluate non-formal education and training activities in the field of peace education at European and local level;
  • to create participants a space to exercise their gained in facilitation skills and implement them during workshops in local school;
  • to develop the self-reflection and self-assessment skills of participants in their learning processes,  meaningful cooperation with others and to be further able to transfer the gained skills into educational process of the others;
  • to empower and mentor participants to act as trainers and multipliers of the peaceful values in their educational youth work by designing and implementing at least one concrete follow-up activity.


  • Join a group with an open mind, ready to take action, seeking for constructive learning, and willing to be changemakers
  • Create a community with respect, love and “sharing is caring” mood
  • Show your best skills to others, offer an ear to hear and questions to ask
  • Find what “outside the box” really means
  • Believe that youth is part of the change
  • Have the time to meet cool people with thousand stories to share
  • Participate in the 5 days



  • stick to your ideas, values or ways of living without questioning even a single rule
  • not listen others thoughts or ideas (looking to the phone all the time)
  • enroll for joining just one day, without giving the training a chance

Then we recommend you to read “5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Future of Work”
YPAN, as so its trainings, is open to everyone, not matter your gender, age, nationality, religion or ideology. We believe and advocate for Human Rights.