Online course: The Art and Science of Storytelling

Place: Online (zoom), Czech Republic

Dates: 6-27 January 2021

Participating countries: all countries

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Number of participants: 25

Organizer: Vice Versa CZ

Deadline to apply: 5 January 2021

Date of Selection: 6 January 2021

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Participation fee
19 euros for one specific workshop, 69 € for the whole series.
If two (or more) friends or colleagues register together for the FULL SERIES, each person will benefit from a 5 € discount! Make sure to mention it in the application form.

Want to ask for a special offer or conditions? Get in touch with me and don’t hesitate to ask. I offer a limited number of places for free to volunteers or junior practitioners.

The Art and Science of Storytelling

Do you want to learn about the art and science of STORYTELLING and how to create and share STORIES effectively? Register to my online workshops, specially designed for educators and trainers with theory, exercises, interaction and fun! (8th Edition)

The human mind evolved with stories and is shaped by them. Good storytelling can motivate people to do incredible things and is a tremendous advantage in communication. Education and learning are no exception.

Creating and sharing stories is a gift innate to all of us. Join these workshops and find out more. We will share inspiration from some famous, especially successful examples, put them in practice with individual and group exercises, and share tips on how to build stories to create engaging activities, inspire learning and promote the change we want to see in the world.

These workshops are designed for a smaller group (18/20 people max) and will involve a lot of direct and personal interaction. Camera and microphone will be recommended all the time. The platform will be Zoom. Don’t expect long webinars and talking heads, these activities are super hands-on. Our work will include bits of theory inputs, loads of group and individual exercises, challenges and games, sharing and reflection, and a variety of interactive digital tools to make our sessions more dynamic and engaging.

These editions are offered to trainers and youth workers for a very friendly price because I want to reach as many people as possible, share the passion for what I love, and reflect on its incredible powers (and risks) when used as a communication tool.

Since November 2020 the course is expanded with one more workshop, to go deeper on values in storytelling, and how stories shape the reality around us. A very important addition for anybody involved in education.

I offer two parallel classes, afternoon (4 pm) and evening (8 pm). The ideal way to experience the course is to register always for the same time of the day, so you will be working with the same people and it’s ideal for group dynamics. The content and program will be the same.

The topics will be:
January 6th, h 16.00-18.30 and 20.00-22.30 CET – How and Why do we create stories? (story structures with famous examples, why do we share stories + the deeper impact of storytelling, theory and tips for creativity, crafting and sharing stories, small group work to create and share short stories, improv exercises);

January 13th, h 16.00-18.30 and 20.00-22.30 CET- How do stories shape us and the world around us? (to understand more deeply the encoded messages in the stories that surround us, and how they shape society – the Basic Human Values theory by Shalom H. Schwartz and exercises with case studies);

January 20th, h 16.00-18.30 and 20.00-22.30 CET – How to use stories for personal growth (the Hero’s Journey story mega-structure and how to incorporate Rites of Passage in education and to achieve transformation; the power of sharing and community building with the Way of Council, and tips on how to lead such activities);

January 27th, h 16.00-18.30 and 20.00-22.30 CET – Engagement, humor and comedy (how to create punchlines and deliver them, theory inputs on what is “funny”, tips and exercises to keep an audience engaged and be confident storytellers, examples from live and recorded stand-up comedy, writing exercises and jokes, jokes, jokes).

You can register for one or more workshops. I recommend the full series because the stronger group dynamics and the connection between the topics will make for the best possible experience. Since April 2020 I have had more than 200 applicants.

From the feedback:

  • “a great balance between game, mystery, self-reflection and tribe sharing. Looking forward to the next session!”
  • “this method of workshop is extremely valuable and I would love if it can be ongoing, like a school or a club which will be sustainable”
  • “who would have said that I am going to enjoy sitting around the fire in a zoom meeting! I appreciate more and longer time for group work and the magical atmosphere”
  • “every week I feel more and more like we need to all go for a drink after the workshop”

You can check all the reviews from the previous classes here:

Since NOVEMBER 2020 we are going deeper, bigger and better. The special price promotion of spring 2020 is over but don’t worry, this means you are going get the improved, enhanced version of the workshops, improved after the feedback of 200+ participants.

Before and after each workshop you will receive information via email, with some preparation work (before), and full access to all the resources we use (after), including videos, articles, booklets and some interactive tasks.

PRICING: 19 € for 1 workshop and 69 € for the whole series of 4.
If you apply to the whole series with a friend or colleague, each person will receive a discount of 5 eur.

Places are limited and usually go very fast: first come, first served (the deposit of the fee will be the proof)!

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To pay the deposit, please use if possible Paypal: (or contact us in case of difficulties).