Partnership-building Activity: Integration through EVS

Location: Drobollach, Austria

Dates: 28 March – 5 April 2018

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine

Organizer: ZeitRaum 

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 23 February 2018

Date Of Selection: 28 February 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Erik Ghazaryan at


100% of the travel costs will be reimbursed up to the limit of reimbursement allowed per person, per country, by the Erasmus+ programme. Please refer to the table above

Armenia- 360 Euros (per participant)
Austria – 0(zero) Euros (per participant)
Belarus -275 Euros(per participant)
Georgia – 360 Euros (per participant)
Greece – 275 Euros(per participant)
Netherlands- 275 Euros (per participant)
Spain- 275 Euros (per participant)
Ukraine – 275 Euros (per participant)

Accommodation and food are fully provided by the organizators (more info please in the attached info-pack)

There is no participation fee for this project.

Integration through EVS

“Integration through EVS” is a Partnership building activity that aims in long-lasting perspective to increase the number of targeted youngsters group in EVS projects.

“Integration through EVS” is a Partnership building activity that aims in long-lasting perspective to increase the number of targeted youngsters group in EVS projects. Discovering the reasons of passive participation in EVS projects by migrants, youngsters with a migration background, and refugees as a result of fewer opportunities (particularly; cultural and social obstacles), sharing the best practices of EVS as an integration tool, discussions with youth workers specialized on working with youngsters with fewer opportunities will support the PBA participants to come up with different EVS projects fostering integration and active participation of youth with fewer opportunities.

The objectives of the PBA are;

to re-explore the concept of EVS and its philosophy
to get advanced knowledge about EVS structure
to explore the local communities’ needs for future EVS projects
to establish good and trustful atmosphere for future partnerships
to develop EVS projects for the integration of youngsters with fewer opportunities

In long lasting perspectives, The PBA clearly links to one of Erasmus+ Programme objectives, as it contributes to the achievement of overall objectives of the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field(2010-2018). Particularly PBA contributes the achievement of the second objective of Youth cooperation framework(2010-2018) that is “to encourage young people to actively participate in society”. Project applicant team is sure that the selection of Key action 1; Mobility for Youth Workers-Partner Countries as project format will serve at its best, giving opportunity the partner promoters from EU and Neighboring countries exchange information, experience, develop ideas and implement projects promoting active participation.


Partnership-building Activity – Integration through EVS – Austria – abroadship.orgPartnership-building Activity – Integration through EVS – Austria –

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