Volunteering in the world is not just a work done to protect the environment or support certain humanitarian actions.

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But also the opportunity to discover new cultures and tourist destinations.

Here are some exciting opportunities for volunteering.

Where you have the opportunity to share experiences with some of the most spectacular cultures of the world!


Iceland is one of the countries that offers the most interesting places to volunteer  opportunities in the world. 

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Those enrolled in volunteer camps organized on the territory of this country work especially on projects aimed at environmental protection – volcanoes, thermal waters, seashores, mountains, etc.

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Those interested in joining one of the volunteer projects to be started in the next period can enter Seeds or cadip where they can get details about the registration period, price, etc.

The campsite offer is rich and most of them take place in the capital of Iceland ranging from forestry and gardening activities to marathons and workshops.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

If you want to discover farm life and share experience with farmers from any of the 53 countries that WWOOF offers to you.

places to volunteer

Go to Wwoof.net and discover the opportunities which this unprecedented volunteer offers you.

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And if you want to know what happens during a volunteer camp at an organic farm in these countries.

Read the beginner’s guide on farm work .

Global Aquatic Aquatic Rescue Actions

If you want to travel to the farthest countries of the world and contribute to the rescue actions of aquatic turtles.

There are many organizations that make available places to volunteer camps,the most important being Seaturtles and Conserveturtle .

Go to these sites and find out all the rescue campaigns that take place in the next period.

The costs and enrollment conditions.

Volunteering on Mars

The Dutch Mars One initiative, which aims to colonize Mars.

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Has already collected over 200,000 volunteer applications, and enrollments are now over.

The non-profit organization wants to send at least 4 volunteers to Mars until 2023.

Depending on the number of those who meet all the criteria, the Mars One application site could re-open the list.