Erasmus+ Training courses have become one of the most attending programs. There are youths that are participating to learn something new, to explore different topics or to travel and visit a new destination. Either way, Erasmus+ Training Course is a great event to grow on personal and professional level.

There are several reasons why each of us youths should attend at least one Erasmus+ Training Course:

Prepare – Before you go

So you will probably know roughly what the training you’re attending covers, and the main things you want to get out of it. But just turning up knowing the title and nothing more might not be too effective. Make sure that you are checking all information for the Erasmus+ training course and prepare yourself better before you participate.

Course Content

Most training courses will have an agenda of the main topics and sessions that will be covered throughout the course. Spend some time studying it so that you know what’s coming up – if there are topics or terms you are not very familiar with, you can read-up in advance so you aren’t sat that wondering what on earth people are talking about. Thinking about the content in advance also gives you the chance to think about what it is you want to learn from the training and prepare questions specific to your challenges to ask and discuss with the experts.

Talk to Colleagues

If you are part of a team, you could be representing colleagues on the course, and be expected to share knowledge and experience with them afterwards. Speak to them in advance to see if there are any specific challenges or questions they’d like solutions for.

Where, When, How, Who?

This is fairly elementary but do make sure you know where you need to be, when. Turning up late on the first day because you didn’t know where the venue was or what time it started doesn’t get your training experience off to a very good start. Equally, do you need a laptop or tablet, should have prepared a presentation – you don’t want to be the only person in the room who hasn’t followed the instructions.

It’s also worth finding out who will actually be delivering the training – knowing who and what to expect can make you feel more at ease when you start the course, and also ensure you know their area of expertise and what you might learn from them.

Participate – While You’re There

Training isn’t the same as attending a conference, where you can sit quietly at the back and just listen. It’s about learning, doing, sharing and if course attendees don’t actively participate, its unlikely that anybody will get much out of the experience.

Perpetuate – When you get back

Training shouldn’t be seen in isolation – it’s there to bolster and improve what you do in your day-to-day job, so you need to continue the learning process after the course is over.

If you feel ready to attend an Erasmus+ training course, you can start browsing the latest opportunities on Abroadship and find the perfect fit for you!

Good Luck!