Seminar/Conference: World Forum of International Associations and Organizations under the slogan “United for the Nation”

Location: Hammamet, Tunisia

Dates: 29-31 July 2018

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: KUWAIT, MAURITANIA, Eastern Partnership countries , Southern Mediterranean countries 


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Deadline to apply: 15 June 2018

Date of selection: 29 June 2018

Inquiries about this seminar: ABDEL HAKIM KHAMMASSI at


For the associations that will participate in the activities of this forum, they must transfer a sum of 180 Euros to the account of the organization organizing this forum,this cost will cover Accommodation,Food and registration in the forum .

* This amount includes:
– Stay for 3 days at the hotel where the forum
will be held, including eating and drinking.
– Costs of training courses to be held during the

* This amount does not include:
– Travel costs from the country of departure to
the country of arrival.
– The costs of traveling from the airport to the

World Forum of International Associations and Organizations under the slogan “United for the Nation”

The Tunisian Association for the Development of Technical and Scientific Capacities in cooperation with national associations and organizations organizes the World Forum of International Associations & Organizations under the slogan United for the Nation

Concept of the project:
The idea of the project came as a result of the challenges and difficulties experienced by the world and our Arab countries in various vital areas due to weak political will in the previous period and thus reflected negatively on the effectiveness of the community structures at the level of intervention and efficiency in framing the youth and taking care of it and developing its talents and ideas. Visions and moving forward with effective organizations

The main objective :
Promote the status of civil society in all Arab countries on a sound basis
The forum includes several activities during its days:
1. Dialogue sessions between local, regional and international associations and organizations to unify efforts to promote the status of civil society and to conclude conventions and protocols that would provide good profitability.
2. Holding workshops in cooperation with partner organizations in this forum.
3. Establish an exhibition of the achievements of the organizations and their experiences in each country
4. Cultural evenings and entertainment programs
5. To come out with unified decisions and work on their application through the committees emanating from the conference in each country in order to ensure the proper functioning of the outputs of this forum.