Story of Abroadship’er Sam Moore from Derby, UK:

Youth Support Youth - training course - Poland - abroadship.orgWhen you have a life changing experience it is often difficult to put into words, but i will attempt to do it justice. This was my first experience of an Erasmus+ training course and has left me passionately pursuing more of the same eye-opening, educational experiences. The week consisted of looking at youth inclusion on the specific topics of unemployment, discrimination and indifference within the European community, and how us as youth workers can offer assistance to the young people we work with on these topics.

I personally found these topics of a high interest, as the demographic of young people i work with in the UK are all affected by these things and with this I was able to offer my experiences as well as gain from the experience of others, who are doing similar work in different countries. My personal develop on the subjects of communication, cultural awareness and engagement benefited greatly from even the most informal of conversations and discussions.

The thing i am most proud of is collaborating with participants from 3 other countries to write an activity which could be implemented in real life, and be used effectively on combatting one of the issues. It was hard work, but the overall outcome was a success and i will really be using this in everyday life.

I made a whole bunch of new friends, shared life experience and had a really enjoyable time while doing so. The memory will stay with me for a long time and i can’t wait for the next experience.

“It was hard work, but the overall outcome was a success and i will really be using this in everyday life” Sam Moore


Story of Abroadship’er Bhunesh Napal from Wales, UK:

Youth Support Youth - training course - Poland - abroadship.orgI was in a dilema which training course to go on as I was accepted to go to Estonia during the same dates, after much dilberation I chose this training on youth support youth in Poland as i felt it would benefit me more. I’m glad I chose this training as it answered all the questions I wanted to learn about, such as how Ersmus + work, how to write a project, how to deliver NFE training on the topics of social inclusion. These were valuable to my learning. The training was learning by doing, sometimes working in groups or together for information to be delivered and discussions to take place.

One of the workshop activity NGO FAIR – was to represent our sending organisation, here I worked together with Sam, this gave us an opportunity to get to know each other both from Uk as we had not met before the training, here a friendship was born alongside others met on this training, for networking, partnership and writing projects.

Having an activity on writing project has benefited me as this has given me the confidence to do international projects with partners from Erasmus training when approached.

Beyond the training and into the future strong and lifetime frienships are born and found in the most unexpected ways.

“this has given me the confidence to do international projects” Bhunesh Napal

Project title: training course „Youth Support Youth“

Place: Poland

Time: 30 August – 7 September 2016

Organizers: Youth Support Center

Number of participants: 28, out of which 2 come from UK

Participating countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, United Kingdom, Latvia, Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Estonia

Description: Today, being young in Europe means that you have some privileges comparing to the rest of the world, but in everyday life of many young people across the continent there are many issues and problems they are fighting with. Group of young people, young leaders and youth workers gathered in Youth Support Center, its partner organisations and decided not to ask what country can do for them or what they can do for the country, but what they can do for themselves and other young people around together with others in society.

“No one can understand and answer needs of young people today better than young people themselves.”
– Karina, Youth Leader of Youth Support Centre

The whole story started in summer 2015, when five youth workers were enjoying the sun at the park in the city center of Lubin, looking at the local highschool building and commenting about the future of highschool students. They thought students do not have much understanding and information about European citizenship and European values, why it is important for them and how it influence their life.  Many young people live in their small communities, dealing with prejudices and stereotypes, sending dozen of job applications, dreaming about buying flat and establishing family or experiencing other cultures. For many of them it is just a dream.

“We have to help them being proud Europeans finally” – the conclusion of the day.

Weeks of communication on Facebook, hundreds of e-mails, Skype calls, chats, ideas and here they are with opportunity to meet 33 youth workers from 14 EU countries and help them to promote European values, European citizenship and active participation, and most important – to create “European mutual understanding” network of youth workers and organisations.

Do you wonder WHY?

Because they want to live in Europe where respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights exist, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.

Moreover, they want to live in the societies that are characterised by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men. Because they believe this is first step towards one long and fruitful initiative that will contribute to building of European society and preserve the peace and rights that they have got from generations of Europeans before.

Aim of Training Course itself is to empower participants to develop and implement activities of their organizations, as well to contribute to existing activities of their organizations using innovative methods and tools, new approach to young people with fewer opportunities and create local synergy with other stakeholders.

To achieve this, the Training Course will be the great opportunity for participants to:
– Meet with other youth workers from different organizations sharing same values and goals and give them opportunity to learn about other organizations, cooperation opportunities and examples of good practice
– Provide knowledge about topic of the project such as European values, active participation, etc.
– Prepare participants to use Erasmus+ program within their organizations, develop projects and implement it in cooperation with other organizations as tool for social inclusion and young people with fewer opportunities
– Establish European network of new generation of youth workers that will share experience, cooperate and contribute to each other work in future, and as well include other youth workers, organizations and individuals in the future
– Create tips, tools and methods for innovative approach in work with young people with fewer opportunities
– Develop capacities of organizations to communicate with target groups, decision makers and other relevant stakeholders
– Prepare participants for creation of local consortiums with relevant factors in society with aim to influence youth policy and establish common activities and coordination of activities in order to support active participation, social inclusion, promotion of European values and citizenship, particularly among young people with fewer opportunities.

Objectives of the activity in same time part of objectives of whole project will be fulfilled while ground for achieving other objectives of the project will be prepared in order to gain aimed results during follow-ups as well.

The training was sponsored by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commision.

Full description of the project could be found here: Youth Support Youth description