It was my first Youth Exchange outside my country (Macedonia) and definitely the one I will never forget.

I have attended some training courses inside Macedonia, and it got me interested in the Erasmus+ programme! I started surfing all opportunities – training courses and other programmes. Suddenly I found this one, read all the information included and immediately applied. I was enthusiastic and emotional because it was my first Youth Exchange and was a little afraid how I would experience it.

The topic was ‘Theater of the oppressed through Multimedia’ and it would take place in Durres, Albania.

I traveled there, met all participants and until the last day of the exchange it was a pure living dream! Everyday we had to work, eat, communicate, advice each other together. We were 43 participants from 8 different countries. It was a huge experience for me and a big knowledge about different countries, cultures, people etc.

Written by Ariton Buxhaku