Gravity Jam – a sustainable character development programme for 16-18 year old college students – for the first time took place in Eastbourne Sussex Downs College on 13th January 2017. From the early morning of 9:45am to late afternoon of 4:30pm college students were diving into life changing programme curriculum.

Gravity Jam in Eastbourne Sussex Downs College

One day Gravity Jam started with Self Awareness session [Analysis of PAST], where college students were untraditionally drawing portraits of each other, contemplating on the memory that made them smile, the biggest dream in life, the first memory and what they will be in 10 years. Students themselves created definition of value through a mind mapping technique, discussed examples of values and finally created a list of 3 core / non-negotiable values. Students were searching for links between values, memories and dreams.

Gravity Jam jumped to the PRESENT in the second session, called Reality Mapping. Students were challenged by Cross the Line non-formal education method, in which participants cross the line if they agree with the statements. College students had to map their reality by answering and thinking whether to cross the line 65 times! Group discussion followed to identify surprises, purpose, personal and group learnings, feelings about stepping alone or with a group, how it might help to interact in daily situations, in communicating with other people, which statements made them proud, uncomfortable, challenged and truthful. The session ended with the personal reflection on thinking of time when they felt different, which non-negotiable values are represented in the activity, which values are mirrored in every day life and choices, what direction students would like to choose going forward, what can they incorporate in their daily life.

Third session started with dragon chases dragon energiser to awake body after the lunch. Students then were assigned a role to play in the table read of “White Snow” and subsequently playing it out on the stage. Students were excited and thus offered a variety of surprising intonations to represent their character. It was pleasant to see how dynamic and cheerful the play become a second time the performance took place, adding the elements of improvisation. After the debriefing and reflection, students drew the masks with at least 3 core values that are inside and 3 values that they portray outside. This stimulated to re-think again what is inside and what we show outside. Drawing and personalizing the mask gave extra expression. Again we discussed and strengthened the core value system, that is so important for students to carry as they go in life and have various challenging situations.

Last session was a dive to the FUTURE. We introduced 5 techniques, that might potentially help students in navigating their life in terms of professional and personal choices. Students were suggested to write 3 morning pages every day to release creativity, set up a weekly date with self in order to tap into the well of inspiration, to do a prioritisation list every day, where they write A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 priorities + write who they want to be next day and + what they want to ship and make public the next day. Afterwards participants were couched in small groups to design their own creativity circle, which is a planning tool to reach the goals. Lastly the music meditation calmly wrapped the session. First day and first time for the Gravity Jam was accomplished!

Gravity Jam moments

About Gravity Jam

More about the Gravity Jam you can find here: developed Gravity Jam programme as part of the British Council’s Active Citizens Programme. Programme is sponsored by British Council and coordinated by Asha Centre. Programme is implemented together with Lucinda Miedema, Kristine Grigule and Elena Baions.

Second Gravity Jam

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