Less Food Loss – that’s the title of a dream project that took place in Hungary in August 2019 tanks to the partnership between Abrodship.org and Vidéken jó alapítvány association. Youngsters from seven European countries (UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary) gathered to raise awareness and find solutions to the food wastage problem around the world nevertheless to create a community between young people all around Europe and learn from each other. They lived together hosted in local houses in the stunning rural area of Szaporca. The group has grown more keen interest and passion for the activities day after day. Every night there was an intercultural night and one group of participants from the same country would present their country traditions, history, food and culture to the rest of the group. That was an occasion for everyone to know more about each other, bound and have fun. In the picture above is shown the British group during their intercultural night ready to welcome the other participants in the most important place for British people “the pub”.

Story of Less Food Loss - Hungary - Erasmus plus youth exchange - abroadship.org

Story of Less Food Loss – Hungary – Erasmus plus youth exchange – abroadship.org

Every day the whole group assembled in a big shed, a semi opened structure surrounded by a beautiful garden where breakfast was served and the first morning activities were done. Every day was scheduled making the most of it, activities were of different nature. Some day they was some workshop leaded by some experts ,some other day was visiting local producers, companies or farms and than make a debate about the what has been visited in relationship with the food loss issue. Between the enterprises visited I feel to  mention some in particular: the pig farm ,the buffalo breading centre, the sunflower and pumpkin oil fabric, the Palinka and cheese producer and the permaculture garden.

The project has been planned taking in consideration also some free time between one workshop and an other and although small, Szaporca is surprisingly rich of attractions and events like the village music festival or the lake, reachable with a few minutes walk from the activities centre. People loved the lake, it was a magnificent a peaceful place to spend some time with other participants and locals.

Towards the end of the project the municipality of the village and big enterprises like Tesco have been involved actively in the last schemes which drove the project to it’s conclusions and major outcomes in the community. 

It has been an extremely successful experience for every part involved. The participants created important bounds between them and relationships that still outlive and prosper. Productive partnerships for future project has born from this experience; the locals population lived positively the fresh change in the community  and last but not least everyone who has been touched by the project in some way has become more aware and responsible about the food loss problem.


Days at Less Food Loss

The first day of the Less Food Loss Project in Szaporca involved an introduction to the town and surrounding areas, as well as the rules and requirements. In order to get to know each other better, we discussed our fears and expectations about the project. We also bonded whilst painting a mural for the projects motto ‘From garden to table- From table to garden’

An other day in szaporcai at”less food loss”youth exchange started with a lovely breakfast all together in this beautiful and peaceful garden 🌿🍃🍞🍳🍵🌳🌲. Today we spreaded in small groups an we learned different food practices and further more.we did workshops about:making hand made pasta🍝,dry fruit 🍅🍌🍍and building a fruit dryer, dry herbs, make jams and marmales and last develop the media 📱💻topic. It was very interesting to learn all of these and we will continue tomorrow😜😜

The third day of the ‘Less Food Loss’ project, the British team researched and collated information on what strategies England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have implemented to reduce food waste, as well as any related facts and figures.

In the afternoon, we watched a short movie on food waste called ‘Just Eat It:A Food Waste Story’ and had a group discussion based on what we took from the movie.

Story of Less Food Loss - Hungary - Erasmus plus youth exchange - abroadship.org

Story of Less Food Loss – Hungary – Erasmus plus youth exchange – abroadship.org

It was also the British teams intercultural night! We opened our own traditional pub with a karaoke night, as well as learning some traditional Irish dancing.