Story of Abroadship’er Florence from London, UK:

Story - MediaACT - Activating Critical Thinking - Czech Republic - abroadship.org

Story – MediaACT – Activating Critical Thinking – Czech Republic

“The MediaACT training course was a profoundly great experience. I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun at the same time!

The TC leaders were clearly really passionate about what they are doing which meant the session were engaging and full of energy. They used a range of methods to teach and help us learn in groups and on our own. My favourite part was the debate, we really got into it and it was great to see the participants fired up as well.

It was great meeting people from all over Europe and the seeing the group gel so well, especially after Brexit in the UK. We had the opportunity to experience small parts of everyone’s cultures during the intercultural evenings and it was an absolute pleasure, I have added some new countries to my bucket list!

I have made friends for life, I have holiday homes all over Europe and I have increased my knowledge about how different types of media work and impact our society. I cannot wait for the next training course!”

Story of Abroadship’er Jules from Cornwall, UK:

Story - MediaACT - Activating Critical Thinking - Czech Republic - abroadship.org

Story – MediaACT – Activating Critical Thinking – Czech Republic

“My time on the course in Zlin filled me with a whole range of experiences. Of most interest was the space created for a cross-cultural dialogue, particularly in terms of discussing contemporary media focused issues. It was such a valuable learning experience to share and debate with people (some from countries I knew very little about) on the various issues effecting all of our lives at the moment. I feel like I have left with an expanded understanding and worldview, and for that I am very grateful!”

Story of Abroadship’er Bruno from London, UK:

Story - MediaACT - Activating Critical Thinking - Czech Republic - abroadship.org

Story – MediaACT – Activating Critical Thinking – Czech Republic

First of all thank you again for allowing me the opportunity of taking part in such an exciting TC. It was very well organised, despite the DICE Association being still a young one they were great and very friendly and professional. The focus of the course was Media and the problems facing media and journalism nowadays. The course followed a classical Erasmus+ project approach. Mostly using non-formal education techniques, we carried out different activities to help us understand the problems and challenges faced by Media today. We had an opportunity of interviewing local Zlin citizens, to have a visit to the Media centre, where 2 of Czech most famous animation film directors (Karel Zeman and Hermina Tyrlova) developed works that ultimately led to Academy awards.

We also learned from a Zlin journalist and his approaches and difficulties when trying to make it in the Media business. We got to develop our own media project, using different Media formats, such as blogs, social media, TV news, etc. We also debated the pros and cons of social media, and how social media and new ways of engaging into information can lead us to improper or incomplete depictions and interpretations of reality and how can we be alert to it and tackle those issues. We even got to discuss the post-modern era and how information and truth can and are manipulated to convey to certain interests, be they economic, political or other. We learned about the personal experiences from the group, especially on the refugee situation in Greece and the Arab Spring during the revolution in Egypt.

On a personal level, I had a lot of fun, I made new friends and increased my Erasmus+ network of contacts and was inspired to take on what I gained and learned as inspiration for my personal and professional life! Recommend it to everyone!


Training course: MediaACT – Activating Critical Thinking

Location: Zlin, Czech Republic

Dates: 24 – 31 January 2016

Number of participants: 35

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Lithuania

Organizer: Dice Asociace

MediaACT – Activating Critical Thinking is a training course that will take place in Zlín, Czech Republic from 24th to 31st January 2017. It will involve a total of 35 people (including 2 trainers and 3 support staff) from 10 European countries (CZ, IT, GR, HU, MK, TR, PL, DE, UK, LT) for 8 days of activities on media knowledge and information manage- ment in terms of promoting sensitive issues of Europe: refugees‘ crisis, migration, lack of inclusion and acceptance while forming radicalization. Some of the aspects that will be discussed include mainstream media power, social media and citizen journalism role referring to different issues. The method- ology of the project will be non-formal educa- tion, featuring a range of methods such as simulations, discussions, expert input, case studies, brainstorming, group work, group presentations and others.

Objectives of the project

• To gain key competencies and basic skills in terms of media literacy and critical thinking. • To seek visibility for European issues and values and combat negative tendencies proliferated by the media.
• To promote the use of innovative tools linked to information and communication technologies using non-formal learning methods.
• To share experience, knowledge, informa- tion and a unique perspective on current European issues maintaining international understanding.
• To provide participants with an opportunity to use the newly acquired skills in practice in the form of a final work at the end of the TC.
• To promote the Erasmus+ progamme

Partners in the project

  • Dice Asociate (Czech Republic)
  • Forum für interkulturellen Dialog e.V (Germany)
  • Trikala se drasi – TrikalAct (Greece)
  • En Kint Egyesulet a Bekeert es Fejlodesert (Hungary)
  • TDM 2000 (Italy)
  • Non-formal learning club “WE” (Lithuania)
  • Association of citizens Youth Can (Macedonia)
  • TDM2000 Polska (Poland)
  • Youth Art Research and Training Association (Turkey)
  • Subtiluship C.I.C. (Abroadship.org) (United Kingdom)

Participants’ profile

We are looking for young people, youth workers and youth leaders who are interested in the topic of media and want to learn more about how to apply critical thinking while perceiving news and other messages from various sources. All participants must be at least 18 years of age. While there is no upper age limit, we expect most participants not to be older than 35. Previous experience with international projects is preferred. Participants should be comfortable working in English and be prepared to work in an intercultural team.

Working methods

The methodology of the TC will be non-formal education. Non-formal education is purposive but voluntary learning that takes place in a diverse range of environments and situations for which teaching/training and learning is not necessarily their sole or main activity. These environments and situations may be temporary, and the activities or courses that take place may be staffed by professional learning facilitators (such as youth trainers) or by volunteers (such as youth leaders). The activities and courses are planned, but are seldom structured by conventional rhythms or curriculum subjects. They usually address specific target groups, but rarely document or assess learning outcomes or achievements in conventionally visible ways.

All participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate – a document that recognizes the learning outcomes of the participants of Erasmus+ projects. More information at: http://abroadship.org/erasmus-youthpass/


The training course will be held in Hotel Garni in the center of Zlín. Accommodation and meals are fully covered by the programme. The participants will be accom- modated in double or triple mixed-nationality rooms in order to facilitate the intercultural dialogue among the different nations repre- sented. Mixed-sex rooms will be advised against. Website of Hotel Garni: http://www.hotelgarnizlin.cz/


Major airports in the vicinity of Zlín are located in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. You can easily reach Zlín by bus or train from these cities. From Zlín bus/train station it is a 10-minute walk to the venue. The organizers will provide a detailed map showing the way to the hotel.

Travel costs for the training course are covered by the programme up to the amount indicated in the table in info pack. They will be reimbursed to the participants upon the pres- entation of all the original tickets and receipts, including for the return. Note that all partici- pants must leave and come back to their sending country within a reasonable amount of time from the project’s arrival (24/01) and departure (31/01) days in order to be eligible for reimbursement (no more than 2 days earlier for the arrival or 2 days later for the departure).