It was bright September month of 2017, when twenty youngsters from United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania and Spain gathered in a “hackathon/technothon” in Iasi in Romania. Partcipants were getting basics of robotics & programming, mindstorms EV3, trying to accomplish team assignments, doing hand crafts, diving into LEGO tools, enhancing creativity and artistic processes with different types of resources, study visits in Iasi, and in the evenings and free time immersing into intercultural experiences.




Story of Abroadship’er Montell:

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania -

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania –

“The exchange was very interesting. The organizers were professional and knowledgeable. They had different methods and were open to share these methods with th group. Although I am very experienced I joined in with everyone else and only occasionally needed to support the rest of the group to move in the right direction. I have a good impression of Romania, the people we came across were polite and friendly, the city had a beautiful town centre so the overall impression was good. Whats more the main reason was to learn more about combings science technology and engineering with art. This worked well. My own background is not science and didn’t understand elements of this, however I thought that combining the programme with art worked well. Everyone shared as well as learned.”

Story of Abroadship’er Shea-Anne:

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania -

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania –

“With this experience, I was able to connect with people; not just from my own country but from other parts of Europe aswell. This was the second time that I’ve been abroad on my own and it’s helped me to gain confidence in my interpersonal and travelling skills which I’m glad to expand”

Story of Abroadship’er George:

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania -

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania –

“this is our winner:

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania -

Steam+ Youth exchange Romania –


Youth Exchange: STEAM+

Location: Iasi, Romania

Dates: 20-27 September 2017

Number of participants: 20 (5 from each country)

Participating countries: UK, Romania, Lithuania, Spain

Organizer: Synergy Romania

Partner organisations:, Asociación Juvenil Intercambia, NGO “Innovative Generation”/ VšĮ “Inovatyvi karta”

Inquiries about this training course:

Costs: This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. Participation,  accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are all provided. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed up to:

270 euro – Spain and United Kingdom
170 euro – Lithuania
20 euro – Romania



donwload infopack here: STEAM+ youth exchange – Romania –

Download the PDF file .

Are you ready to explore your technical competences in a playful and innovative context? Yes, we focus on hard skills in our brand new opportunity STEAM+ youth exchange and we are ready to host you in Iași, Romania between 20-27 September!

Costs of the youth exchange:
– Accommodation, food and program covered 100%
– Travel costs covered up to 270 euro – Spain and United Kingdom, 170 euro – Lithuania, 20 euro – Romania
– Participation fee 30€

STEAM+ project is organized by Synergy Romania and co-funded by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. The project consists in exploring sciences, technology, engineering, arts and maths across two youth exchanges based on hands-on experience and learning to play, playing to learn methods. Each youth exchange of STEAM+ project will gather a group of 20 young people coming from Spain, Lithuania, UK and Romania.


In Romania, UK, Spain and Lithuania each year there are a lot more specialists needed in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) sector than there are students graduating from educational institutions.

STEAM+ project aims to give young people from the participating countries a playful and practical experience in the STEAM sector increasing their practical and technical competences while improving their employability level.

STEAM+ project consists in exploring sciences across two youth exchanges based on hands-on experience and learning to play, playing to learn methods.

What We Are Looking For

– youth that are not employed or are still studying to develop their technical and vocational skills in order to get a job in the technical fields such as IT, arts, automotive, crafts, programming, electronics, mechanical design or beyond;

– youth that want to develop their practical skills, including handcrafts or for creative purposes (DIY – do it yourself);

– citizens of the partner countries, aged 17-30;

Focus on Learning

S stands for:

  • comprehend basic programming mechanisms, basic physics;
  • practice in creating things with their own hands;

T stand for:

  • see how technology is integrated in creating day to day objects;
  • share skills specific to their culture;

E stands for:

  • basic skills of engineering – including an approach to social engineering;
  • how acquiring a new skill can be translated into a job or a business opportunity;

A stands for:

  • up-cycling and re-cycling techniques;
  • brainstorming and creative processes for developing art;

M stands for:

  • problem solving and spatial thinking;
  • mathematical principals that apply to life.

Delivery Style

  • hands-on experience – experiencing and putting into practice through active participation;
  • learning to play, playing to learn – learning through games, in a playful environment;
  • LEGO® Education System: creating engineering and robotic mechanisms made out of LEGO to learn STEM concepts, enhance creativity, problem solving, team spirit.


DAY 1: Intro, Erasmus+, getting to know each other, team bonding,

DAY 2: Basics of robotics & programming, LEGO tools, Intercultural evening

DAY 3: Enhancing creativity and artistic processes with different types of resources, study visits in Iași

DAY 4: Basics of robotics & programming with Mindstorms EV3, Team assignment, hand crafts.

DAY 5: Creation day, planning and designing artsy products

DAY 6: Production day, feedback and improving results, Open Day event

DAY 7: Results, follow-up and dissemination, plans for the future for each participant.


Your travel expenses will be reimbursed up to:

270 euro – Spain and United Kingdom
170 euro – Lithuania
20 euro – Romania

The reimbursement will be done after receiving all your travel documents in 1 months time after the youth exchange.

The contribution fee is 30 EUR to be paid upon arrival. If you are coming from a disadvantage area and cannot afford to pay the fee, tell us to find together a solution.

The accommodation, food, materials are funded by Erasmus+ program.

Host City

You will be hosted in Iasi, the second-biggest city of Romania, placed in the north-est of the country.

Having the first university in the country, Iasi is well known for its tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research.

Once dubbed the ‘city of the hundred churches’, Iaşi is indeed bursting with centuries of architectural creations. Yet, besides the monasteries, theaters and other historical buildings, the city has botanical parks, big squares and both communist concrete structures and gleaming modern shopping malls.

Moreover, its intense social life and youth enthusiasm provides a fertile ground for initiatives and growth.


The middle of September in Romania can be with different weather conditions. The temperatures can vary between 13-23 degrees.
Prepare for sunshine, but also for rain.


Costi, Angela and George will be the facilitators of this exchange. They have vast experience on Erasmus+ projects, being trainers in personal and  professional development for the last 7 years, working in more than 6 exchanges every year.

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