Summer is almost here and we all want to make the best of it! The best thing that you can do this summer is to go somewhere abroad as a volunteer. There are so many youth opportunities waiting for you just around the corner.

You can be part of an Erasmus+ training course, Youth Exchange, as a participant or a team leader. You will learn many new information on different topics, meet amazing people, travel on a budget and discover new places and cultures. But, most important you will have the best summer ever!

We are giving you a short list of the top 3 destinations that you should visit this summer and participate on a training course or youth exchange.


Maybe Germany is not the first choice on your mind when you think of a perfect destination for youth opportunity this summer. However, Germany is a country that can offer you a natural beauty, unique and important historical details and information and numerous languages and cultures.

In Germany you can find the largest cities in Europe. So, as a result of that, you can find many different youth opportunities.

One of the youth opportunities with a short deadline is “Training course: Impulse Boost Camp 2018” located in Schneeberg, Germany. IBC is an international multiplier training, where you will find out how to contribute with more impact and at ease. Hurry up, because the deadline is until June 11!

Another great opportunity waiting for you  is “Training course: Youth Exchanges for Newcomer” that will take place in Bonn, Germany. On this training course you will learn more about the background and philosophy of Erasmus+. The concepts of Non-Formal-Learning, Active Participation and Intercultural Learning will be discussed as well as the financing of your project and many aspects of the grant-application.

Close up of Germany on map


Spain is such a diverse country. This hot and attractive country is ideal for young volunteers who want to explore tourist popular countries. Spain can offer you amazing, beautiful and natural places, long and attractive beach areas, unique culture, food and historical buildings with architectural styles from different times.

“Training course: Sports as a tool for education and inclusion” is the opportunity that you’ve been searching for this summer. It is a training course supported by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Program and will take place in Navarra, Spain. Because of that, you can travel and see this exotic and hot country even if you’re on a budget!

The main aim will be to explore the use of sport as an educational tool for social inclusion. So, hurry up and apply, because the deadline is approaching really fast!


For many people, Lithuania is a land of wood and water. It has an amazing and breathtaking nature and its perfect place for a nature lover. Lithuania is developing really fast. Therefore, it is a place where you can learn many unique and interesting things about this part of Europe.

This summer you can visit Lithuania and be part of “Training course: Facilitating intercultural learning in work with youth groups”, that will take place in Daugirdiškės, Lithuania. AIM of the TC is to support and empower youth workers and youth leaders through developing competencies needed to facilitate learning process of intercultural groups of young people.

The deadline is June 15, so hurry up and grab this opportunity!


Finally, here are some other great youth opportunities for this summer:

“Training course: EUtopia? Diversity in Changing Europe – Creative youth work lab for rethinking diversity solutions”

“Training course: Star of Europe”

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Youth Forum 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland

Good Luck!

By Aleksandra Krstevska

Creative and Human Resource Director