Training course: ALL IN

Location: Deutschlandsberg, Austria

Dates: 12-19 August 2018

Number of participants: 16

Participating countries: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries 

Organizer: Youth In Progress Austria

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 28 July 2018

Date Of Selection: 29 July 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Inga Baltina at


1) We will reimburse travel costs of participants according to the lump sum based on distance calculator (if the travel costs are higher than a lump sum, participant or partner organization should cover the difference) during the training course (except participants, who requested bank transfer after training), when we will get copies of tickets and bills and boarding passes
Lump sum calculated per person – 275 EUR

2) Accomodation and meals, as well working material will be covered from the budget of the project.

3) There is no participation fee foreseen


The training “ALL IN” is designed to test developed training modules about “inclusive youth work” on international level & give participants space & time to gain practical & theoretical knowledge what “inclusive youth work” means in reality.

Aim & Objectives:
This youth workers and youth leader’s mobility foresees implementation and testing of created Training Modules about “inclusive youth work” on international level with aim to give participants space & time to gain practical & theoretical knowledge what “inclusive youth work” means and how to implement it in ones work and activities.
– To increase knowledge & competences about inclusive youth work;
– To provide concrete tools & methods in “inclusive youth work area” in projects/activities/NGO work;
– To inspire & stimulate participants to adopt more inclusive approach in their work;
– To provide space & facilitation to exchange experience & practices within the participants group;
– To strengthen the collaboration & cooperation on European level;
– To test created Modules at international level.

ALL IN training modules:
Module 1 – Introduction to inclusive youth work (basics of youth work, intersectionality, exploring definitions of marginalized groups, diversity, inclusion, etc.)
Module 2 – Practising inclusively (social identity, inclusive youth work and youth workers, resilience in youth work, planning own inclusive work)
Module 3 – Learning more about inclusion (exploring topic deeper based on individual and group needs)
Module 4 – Embedding inclusive practice (strategy planning and implementation, management of inclusive youth work, etc.).
Additionally Modules are supported by online learning platform, which includes relevant materials, online trainers support, online peer support, etc.

It is also foreseen that participants engage themselves in individual learning before, during and after participation in Module’s sessions.
All course follows principles of non formal education based on ALL IN objectives and participant’s needs and expectations. The training method is based on learning by experience, reflection and learning outcomes of it.

ALL IN project “definition” of Inclusion:
Inclusion is the conscious and purposeful creation of an intersectional environment in which every person is valued, connected and engaged. People have control of their own support and making their own decisions. That means everybody gets the support they need in the way they want it. When people choose to participate, they do so without experiencing restrictions or limitations of any kind, including prejudice and discrimination.
To achieve inclusion, we must consistently disrupt traditionally accepted constructions. This means being open and willing to challenge and change our own behaviours and views, as well as the spaces and organisations around us.

Profile of participants:
Participants of this Mobility should meet the following criteria:
– youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers, other persons involved in youth work that work with young people, but want to make their work more inclusive and who want to be actively engaged with this theme
– a person who is already experienced about youth work itself (as professional or volunteer), he/she, knows tools and activities and she/he would like to be involved in a long–term perspectives in youth fields through the activities of promoter NGO’s
– are willing to develop their competences in field of inclusive youth work and share their knowledge, skills and experiences with other participants
– would like to get practical and theoretical knowledge, how to create their work more inclusive towards people with and without fewer opportunities
– are able to communicate in English
– are at least 18 years old
– are motivated to be fully involved in preparation process (homework’s, self assessment) and attend at least 98% of the Training
– are motivated to take part in after Training (evaluation, self assessment, etc.)
– as this Training is a part of testing quality of designed Modules, participants should be motivated to take part in extra evaluation activities (during the Training and online) before and after the Training (questionnaires, interviews, etc.)

NOTE: The Training will meet necessary accessibility standards and is available also for disabled participants. If participants during this event need assistance or have other disability related needs, you must tell us in advance, that we can organize everything to meet their needs.
During the training course there will be possibility to have local assistance if it is necessary.


Training course: ALL IN – Austria –

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