Training Course: B.T.T. – Basic Training for Trainers

Location: Lecce, Italy

Dates: 1-7 October 2017

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Czech Republic

Organizer:  L’Arca del blues

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Deadline to apply: 10 August 2017

Inquiries about this training course:

Costs: The travel, accomodation, food and the program itself are co-funded by ERASMUS+ program. We ask you to contribute with a participation fee of 45€ which you can pay upon arrival. The organizers will reimburse travel costs for the amount showed in the original boarding passes, tickets and invoices, up to the limits indicated in the ERASMUS+ program guide (Italy – 0 Eur; Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic – 275 Eur; Austria, Croatia – 180 Eur).

B.T.T. – Basic Training for Trainers

The idea behind B.T.T. – Basic Training for Trainers arises from the need to equip youth workers and young trainers with skills and methods needed to facilitate workshops, trainings, camps and daily work with youth and youth workers.
As well as encourage them to be be flexible in the process of activity, assessing the needs of the group they are working with and enstablish connection with them. Trough that, rising quality of work back home in the respective organisations.



  • Understand and facilitate individual and group learning process.
  • Plan and implement programs for non-formal education activities.
  • Develop skills in leading meaningful conversations with your participants.
  • Improve your team working skills and leading a team.
  • Learn to organize your own learning.
  • Improve effectiveness of the output and impact in activities you facilitate.
  • Get more confident in working as facilitator for any group. 


This project is for you IF:

  • You are a youth worker interested in gaining skills in facilitating workshops/training courses.
  • You are young trainer in ERASMUS+ projects who want to get better understandings and get involved in projects from a new perspective.
  • You are youth worker who want an upgrade of their experience, and who are interested to create similar experiences for someone new.
  • You are youth worker motivated to improve the quality of youth work and projects in their organizations and
  • You are not a youth worker/facilitator but you want to be.
  • You are involved in youth activities and you want to gain new skills in the field.



Day 1. Welcome; Program and Group introduction.

Day 2. Learning in Non-formal Context // Who am I as a trainer?

Day 3. Connection and Communication.

Day 4 .Facilitating learning processes.

Day 5. Setting up a Scene & Designing a program.

Day 6. Workshop delivery day!

Day 7. Evaluation and closing.

Day 8. Departure day.


Download here: Basic Training for Trainers – Training Course – Italy –

Download the PDF file .