Training course: Body Poetry

Location: Homade (Brivezac), France

Dates: 5-13 October 2019

Number of participants: 19 participants

Participating countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain

Organizer: Nomadways (Youth NGO)

Apply here: Application form

Application deadline: 31 July 2019

Date of selection: 10 August 2019

Inquiries about this training course: Verena Mans at


Participation fee

There is a €50 participation fee, taken from the travel reimbursement (which also grants you with a Nomadways membership).

Accommodation and food

Organisation and costs for accommodation and food are covered by the programme.

Travel reimbursement

  • France (2 participants) – €20
  • Spain (2 participants) – €275
  • Italy (3 participants) – €275
  • Hungary (3 participants) – €275
  • Romania (3 participants) – €275
  • Germany (3 participants) – €275
  • Portugal (3 participants) – €275

Training Course – Body Poetry

About the Project

“We would like to invite youth workers and embodied arts facilitators to explore usage of embodied arts for youth work as powerful tools for social inclusion. Body Poetry​ is a space for creativity, art and inspirational sparks where we will share Theatre, Dance, Circus​, Body Expression​ and other embodied arts methods to be used in youth work as powerful tools for Social Inclusion.

Our Training Course – Embodied Arts Laboratory is a meeting point for the Embodied Arts Facilitators and Youth Workers to share ideas, approaches, techniques and experiences with colleagues working with body methods and in the field of Social Inclusion from all over Europe.

As an Embodied Arts Facilitator you will have the chance to receive training in Embodied Arts forms proposed by our Body Poetry Facilitators and by other colleagues from all over Europe. You will have the chance to facilitate a workshop for sharing with the youth workers your area of expertise and to work together mentoring a group for designing inclusive workshops for young people at risk of Social Exclusion.

As a Youth Worker you will have the chance to receive training in different Embodied Arts forms by Facilitators from all over Europe. You will get tools for adapting the Embodied Arts methods for meeting the needs of your target group and will receive mentoring on how to design, implement and evaluate inclusive Embodied Arts workshops for groups of young people at risk of Social Exclusion.

As a result of the project, the Embodied Arts Facilitators will receive professional peer-training and will have the chance to practice their facilitation and mentoring skills. At the same time, the Youth Workers will acquire successful new tools from every partner and will bring them back to their organisations and local communities.”

The program is designed for two types of participants:

  • Embodied arts facilitators: Those working with the body in a creative way (theatre, dance, movement practices, contact improvisation, circus, martial arts, street art, body expression, body work, impro techniques…) and that have experience facilitating in front of the group.
  • Youth workers: Those working with young people at risk of Social Exclusion (including young people with disabilities, Roma community and with migrant backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ young people…) that are interested in embodied arts methods but don’t have much experience and tools for applying them with their target group.

About Nomadways

Nomadways creates opportunities for artists, youth workers and social activists by designing international art workshops to engage social change.

“We are an international nonprofit association based in France, dedicated to innovating use of performing and visual arts for social change. Our projects enhance interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural dialogue. We assess European integration in arts, create or participate in projects, workshops, exchanges, residencies, training, partnerships, events, etc. Our activities always combine art, education and social vocation. We conduct innovative projects fostering interaction between young creatives, social actors and educators.

We are a collective of individuals developing synergic projects together, and as such, we also act as a networking platform, creating opportunities for idea development and the realization of social art initiatives.”