Training Course:  Brain and Hand on! For Sustainable Development!

Location: Halle (Saale), Germany

Dates: 3-14 June 2019

Participating countries: 24

Organizer: Jonglirium e.V. (Youth NGO)

Deadline to apply: 1 May 2019

Date of selection: 15 May 2019

Apply here: Application Form

Inquiries about this training course: Dorli Flämig  E-Mail:



Participation fee

There will be a self-evaluated participation fee from 40-100€

Accommodation and food

Food and lodging are free.

Travel reimbursement

We can cover your travel expenses up to: 180€ for participants from Germany, 275€ for the other project countries.

Brain and Hand on! For sustainable Development!

Download here: Brains and Hands on! Call_overview.pdf

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A 10 day training & research on sustainability and possibilities for sustainable youth projects in rural environments

Brain and Hands On! For Sustainable Development

3 – 14. June 2019 (3rd & 14th of June are travel days)

Calling for 24 participants from France, Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Denmark. Participants from other countries are welcome to apply – their applications can be taken into account if there are a few places left and we find an agreement with our partner organisations.

Brain and Hand On!

…is a ten day training on the connection of youth work in rural areas and the topic of sustainability. During the training we will spend time on sharing and developing skills, experience and own projects in a focused atmosphere. We want to explore the possibilities of non-formal youth-work as well as focus on the topic of digital project documentation (film & blog).
We‘re looking to create a training group with trustful connection and mutual support and would like to ask everyone involved to take part as much as possible to support each other in each session. We will create a daily schedule that will incorporate the interests and needs of the participants. There will be also free time to do whatever we want together (there are 3 kajaks, lots of bikes and a beautiful surrounding with hills, lakes and cliffs to climb).

Project Location

The space where we will live and work together will be Gut Alaune e.V. which is situated between calm Saale river and rough porphyry canyons in a nature reservat close to Halle/Saale (Saxony Anhalt).
It‘s a project and living space just outside the city that a little community is setting up since the beginning of 2016 – so some stuff is a little improvised. Sleeping for instance will be in tents at GutAlaune or a space close by.


For more impressions see:

Daily tasks like cleaning and helping the cook will be divided among ourselves, to share the workload.

Your Contribution

This training relies on all of you! Besides the division of the daily tasks we want everybody to contribute the best possible and to share knowledge, skills and experience.
Additionally to the prepared training sessions there will be space for your sessions in the form of ½ day up to full day workshops which can go on if there is interest. Some of the time will also be organized as open spaces for our own activies, fields of interest and research.
You can make this training what you want it to be and look forward for the input & experience of the other participants!

Training Sessions

There will be training sessions on Brain (input & exchange) and Hand level (practical). They will be led by people from inside and outside the training group. There will be a few teachers teaching specific topics we chose. But a lot of input will also come from you and all the participants.
Workshop ideas and confirmed Workshops:

  • Permaculture garden design/planning/implementation
  • Ecological building: wood-construction; clay & straw
  • Hedgerow design and growing mushrooms
  • Usage of greywater: building reed beds
  • Creative work with recycled materials (maybe even electric bicycles…)
  • Learning on herbs – tour with local herbalist
  • Games from Theatre and social circus
  • Beekeeping


We haven’t had confirmation of the funding from E+ so please be aware that this training will only be possible in the format described above if we get the funding. If it’s not funded we will try to find a different format. E+ Confirmation will come in the first week of may.