Training course: Braveheart – Leadership Skills for Youth Workers

Location: Czech Republic

Dates: 16 February – 25 August 2019

Number of participants: 25 participants

Participating countries: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey

Organizer: Czekobanda

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 5 November 2018

Date Of Selection: 30 November  2018

Inquiries about this training course: Czekobanda at


Participation fee

The training course is supported by the Erasmus+ program. Accommodation and food are fully covered. Travel expenses are covered according to the distance calculator. For more info see the infopack. Participation fee is €150. You will get €100 back if you take part in all phases of the project.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food are fully covered.

Travel reimbursement

The travel costs will be reimbursed based on the distance calculator.

Maximum travel expenses per participant per one phase which can be reimbursed:

Croatia – 275 €

Cyprus – 360 €

Czech Republic -180 €

Hungary – 180 €

Italy – 275 €

Slovakia – 180 €

Spain – 275 €

Turkey – 275 €

Braveheart – Leadership Skills for Youth Workers

Do you want to be a good leader? Do you need to strengthen your leadership skills? Are you a youth leader searching for inspiration? KICKSTART YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN 2019 AT OUR 3-PHASE TRAINING COURSE in the CZECH REPUBLIC

Braveheart is a three phase training course for youth workers. Its aim is to strengthen and advance leadership skills.

Braveheart is the second run of the TC, which was first held in 2017. Based on the feedback of our participants and our experience, we improved some parts to be even more suitable for youth workers and their needs. So, you will experience a tuned TC!

The training course is based on our long-term experience in training youth, teachers and corporate leaders. We work with the methods of experiential and outdoor learning that we’ve been using since 2006. We put stress on practical training with real effects rather than learning theoretical background. The ratio of practical training to theory is 80:20. We believe the most effective way of learning is by reflecting one’s personal experience. That’s why we focus on group reflections, peer-to-peer feedback and learning from mistakes and success.

Project outline

  • First phase: Find the leader inside 16 – 24 February 2019 – challenge yourself for 2 nights winter outdoor experience, get to know yourself better, and reflect on your leadership skills
  • Interphase: Work on your leadership development goals and plan your project
  • Second phase: Become a better leader 22 – 26 May 2019 – develop and practice your leadership skills and get inspired by others
  • Interphase: Plan and realize your personal project
  • Third phase: Leading the future 21 – 25 August 2019 – evaluate your project and leadership skills and plan future steps.

Further information find in the call for participants or on our website


Training course: Braveheart – Leadership Skills for Youth Workers – Czech Republic –

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