Training course: Bricks with meaning

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Dates: 5-13 July 2022

Number of participants: 22

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Spain

Organizer: MTÜ Õigus Olla (Youth NGO)

Apply: here

Deadline to apply: 15 June 2022

Date of selection: 17 June 2022

Inquiries about this training course: Denis Krivosheev at


Participation fee

40 EUR per participant, that will be collected at the venue. This fee goes as a contribution to the administrative costs of the project.

Accommodation and food

The costs for food, accommodation and programme materials are fully covered by the grant received from the Erasmus+.

Travel reimbursement

Limits of travel reimbursement (per participant):

  • Estonia: 20 Eur
  • Lithuania: 180 Eur
  • Croatia, Poland, France, Czech Rep: 275 Eur
  • Spain: 360 Eur


Bricks with meaning

The main idea of Training course to equip youth educators with innovative tools, to show practically how to use it and apply it in youth work and solve youth problems.

We want to help young people to beaware (through educators as stakeholders) of own creative potential and be able to use it in achieving own goals. For this purpose, we have designed a programme which will lead improved and developed creative confidence – step by step.


BRICKS initiative aim is to provide an affective and practical creativity development tool for youth workers and with its help to strengthen the creative confidence of young people they work with. This will be covered by:

  • Empowering youth educators to think in innovative ways of approaching youth related topics and devlop creative solutions to increase the impact and efficiencyof youth activities.
  • Developing innovative methodologies that increase effective participation of all project-actors.

Participants – youth workers and educators working with young people with fewer opportunities:

  • Should be 18 years old or over
  • Should be able to communicate in English
  • Should take part in the whole period of the training course
  • Should be ready to promote activities in own community after the training course ends

Selected participants are in charge of organising a local event (seminar, workshop etc) for own community within the month and a half after the training course comes to an end. Selected participants are in charge of dissemination and visibility activities of the project.

You can find more information in the InfoPack (attached).


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