Training course: Climate Changemakers

Location: Greece

Dates: 27 April – 06 May 2022

Number of participants: 31

Participating countries: Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom

Organizer: Hopeland

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  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • Traveling are covered up to maximum of:
    • €150/participant for Greece
    • €245/participant for Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Lithuania
    • €330/participant for Latvia, United Kingdom, Spain
  • Programme fee is €70, payable immediately after acceptance £18/€20 and €50 at the training place.

Climate Changemakers

Download infopack here: Climate Changemakers – Erasmus plus in Greece – infopack –

Download the PDF file .

  • Did you see the movie Don’t Look Up or see the latest news that EU has granted nuclear energy and natural gas as renewables?
  • Do you worry about what the next COP27 in Egypt in November will look like?
  • Do you have climate anxiety?
  • Do you worry about the unusual temperatures, heatwaves in your country?
  • Do you simply want to know more and what you can do in practice about climate change?

Then Climate Changemakers is for you.

Climate changemakers is an 8 day training course in Hopeland, Argos, Greece to support youth workers to understand climate change and empower them to take action to become climate-friendly. Through this project, you will make the first steps of creating a climate campaign and become climate changemaker.


Inspiration (1 April-28 April 2022)

Online assignment

You will research and map as a national group how sustainable and climate-friendly are your organizations, projects or things you work with.

Check what is happening in your area, community with climate change and think what would you like to do about it both during the project and after you go back to your community. A presentation of your favourite initiative will be done on the first day of the training.

Training Course (27 April – 06 May 2022)

Arrival day – 27 April 2022

You have to be able to reach the centre of Athens by 16:00.

At 17:00 there is a dedicated bus leaving to Hopeland.

There is no other way to arrive in Hopeland.

Departure day – 06 May 2022

The bus is leaving Hopeland with direction Airport and the centre of Athens.

The earliest flight you can catch is from 13:30 onwards.

Leave your mark and beyond (06 May- 05 July 2022) (Follow up)

Follow up local activities could be small or big things about climate change. Create storytelling evenings, workshops, mini tasks etc to share your experience and raise awareness about climate change. Anything that was inspired during the project.

Evaluate your experience (July 2022)

You will receive an online evaluation form and give an anonymous feedback to Hopeland. You will share with us your follow up activities and testimonials.

The programme

Arrival Introduction

Systems thinking and climate science

Intro to how to build a climate project/campaign

My climate action 1: how to build a climate project/campaign (stakeholders input, Greenpeace, Fridays for Future)

How will the days look like?

My climate action 2: how to do mitigation and communication projects how to build a climate project/campaign (stakeholders input)

Prepare for climate action

Climate action/campaign in Maladreni Closing, Tree planting


Time schedule

7-8: wellness sessions (optional)

8-9: Breakfast

9-12.30: morning activities

13.00-15.00: lunch, siesta, free time

15.30-19.00: afternoon activities

19.00: dinner

20.00-21:30: evening activities

Who is it for?

This programme is for you if you are:

– 18+ years old from Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Romania, UK, Lithuania
– a youth worker/ youth leader working in sustainability or want to make your project more climate-friendly – want to live and experience a sustainable community setting for 8 days
– eager to start creating change for the climate crisis
– don’t have a clue about climate change but eager to learn more so you can support others

Priority will be given to youth workers who have fewer opportunities to be engaged in such projects.

What you can get out of the project?

Under this context, you will have the chance to:

enhance your knowledge in climate change
live and experience a sustainable community setting
learn how to make your project more climate-friendly
be trained to support youth to become more climate-friendly
learn to use different methodologies (design for wiser action, climate negotiations game, systemic approach, community setting etc)
learn how to create a climate campaign


Costs – Accommodation, food and training materials are provided through co-funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

Travel Reimbursement

  • €150/participant for Greece
  • €245/participant for Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Lithuania
  • €330/participant for Latvia, United Kingdom, Spain

Keep in mind that we already keep 30€ from your travel amount in order to pay for the bus to Athens – Hopeland – Athens. Thus you will have no costs between Athens – Hopeland – Athens.

You can arrive earlier or leave later: +- 3 days, but you will have to cover your own costs for those days.

Green travel

We promote sustainable travel. We invite you to use more ecological means of transport such as bus and train to come. If it is not possible, and you take a flight to come, we invite you to think before coming how we can compensate the emissions while being in Hopeland.

Participants Contribution: 50€

We ask participants to contribute to the programme by investing 50€. This contribution is directly going to the enhancement of the place (eco buildings, planting trees, etc). It grants you also a lifetime connection with the place by planting literally your seed to Hopeland. We are open to alternative ways of contribution. This programme is for everyone.


Accommodation in Hopeland is mixed indoors and outdoors. There is a guesthouse comprising of a two-storey open area with bunk beds and all the basic standards (electricity, toilets, internet etc). There is a kitchen, 2 indoor and 5 outdoor toilets, 1 indoor and 6 outdoor showers with warm water from the sun. There are 5 big glamping tents that can accommodate 15 people on pallet beds and regular tents in the camping area.

There are 6 common toilets: 2 in the guesthouse and 4 in the campsite. There is one indoor shower and 2 covered outdoor showers next to the guesthouse. 4 more showers are available in the camping area.

There is no washing machine in place so the laundry will be by hand and sundry. Electricity and internet connection are extremely limited as they are provided through photovoltaics. No hairdryers or any other heavy-duty electricity appliances are allowed.

Most of the buildings are built with natural materials and the venue has photovoltaic panels for its energy use. Recycling (plastic, glass, paper) is in place and organic materials are composted for natural fertilizer to the farm. There is a small garden and some chickens.

Food and practicals

Food is strictly vegetarian, because of the sustainability focus of the venue, however, it includes every kind of food group like vegetables, eggs, fruits, dairy, bread with all the essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. We take into consideration any specific diets of the participants, food intolerances and allergies. The food will be whenever possible locally sourced.

During the TC in order to maintain the place proper, clean and dignified, all the community will be asked to carry household duties in small inter-cultural groups.

The training site of Hopeland is an alcohol-free and drug-free area. We believe that human beings can reach the utmost of their potential without the consumption of such substances.

Sending organisations

Greece: Hopeland (
Italy: Youth Connect (
Bulgaria: Smokinya Foundation (
Latvia: RED (
Lithuania: Synergy Lithuania (
Spain: Ticket2Europe (
Hungary : Recreativity (
Romania: Zig Zag Prin (
UK: Abroadship (


 Italy – Vagamondo

 Bulgaria – Фондация Смокиня / Smokinya Foundation

 Latvia – RED

 Lithuania – Synergy LT

 Spain – Ticket2Europe

 Hungary – Recreativity

 United Kingdom – Abroadship

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