Training course: Coaching: level one

Location: Kysak, Slovak Republic

Dates: 16-25 September 2019

Number of participants: 35 participants

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic

Organizer: EduEra (Youth NGO)

Apply here: Application form

Application deadline: 15 July 2019

Date of selection: 16 July 2019

Inquiries about this training course: Petra Papierníková at


Participation fee

Participation fee of EUR 30 is to be paid in cash in Slovakia.

Accommodation and food

Thanks to funding provided by the ERASMUS+ programme through the Slovak National Agency, during
this period all costs for food, accommodation, local transport and course materials are covered.

Travel reimbursement

Following the rules of ERASMUS+, the costs of your international travel are covered up to the following total amounts (if you prove that your travel falls into the corresponding distance band).The travel grants approved by the Slovak National Agency based on the submitted funding

Bulgaria (275€); Czech Republic (275€), Greece (275€); Hungary (180€); Italy (275€); Latvia (275€); Malta (275€); Poland (180€); Portugal (360€); Slovakia (20€)

Training Course – Coaching: Level One

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About the Project

The Slovak Civil Society Organisation “EduEra” is happy to invite you to apply for participation in our upcoming international training course “Coaching: Level One”.

“Coaching: Level One” is an international training course for youth workers on group coaching with a focus on unemployed youth and NEET. The training course is targeted at trainers, youth workers, teachers, and community leaders.

“Coaching: Level One” foresees the creation of the professional figure of a “coach” for youth work, and to be applied to local and international youth work across Europe and beyond, by establishing a training course which is followed by online coaching and home assignments.

The training course is implemented in partnership with the Estonian Company “Res Cogita” which will provide a Level One Coaching Certification for those who complete the home assignments of 80 hours of coaching upon returning to home.

The training course is targeted at teachers, therapists, psychologists, youth workers, youth leaders, community leaders and job office employees.

The training course foresees up to 8 days of work, whereas the first half of the training focuses on the personal development of participants and development of constructive attitudes and self-confidence to engage in coaching practices. The second half of the training is focused on providing practical coaching tools and dedicated space and time for practicing.