Connecting Cultures: A training course to develop intercultural actions involving young people.

Training Course

Organizer: Verein Naturkultur

Dates: 23-29 November 2015

Location: Kandersteg, Switzerland

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 15th October 2015

Cost: Accommodation and food during the training course will be provided by the organizers. 70% of the travel costs of the participants – minus a participation fee of 75 Swiss Franks – will be refunded after the training course.

A non-formal, creative and interactive 6-day residential training approach to explore and develop new community-based intercultural activities.

Participants will explore intercultural practice, define their needs, share experiences and inspire each other to develop intercultural strategies and actions for their work in the youth field.

Conflict, discrimination, racism and xenophobia are realities that culturally diverse societies have to deal with.


Youth workers often work with young people in culturally diverse communities that provoke challenges in intercultural understanding and inclusion of members of society with different backgrounds, for example, in terms of culture, language, ethnical backgrounds and religion.

The challenge facing youth workers working with young people from different cultural backgrounds is to promote and practice positive intercultural work and for young people to value this.


To explore cultural diversity and identify the opportunities and challenges it presents.

To raise awareness and understanding about Intercultural work.

To share and discover different intercultural work practice in the youth sector.

To generate creative strategies of how and what youth workers in community contexts can do to promote best practices in intercultural work within the youth sector at a local and European level

To explore financial and international opportunities for your youth work management

Countries involved: Switzerland (Host), Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Kosovo, Spain, Israel, Italy, Palestine, Bulgaria, Tunisia, UK


Oliver Schneitter


Phone: +41763389351

Information pack: here