Training course: Create your Place II

Location: France (close to Perpignan), France

Dates: 4-12 March 2019

Number of participants: Max. 24 participants

Participating countries: Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Poland, Romania

Organizer: Activ’Action

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 5 December 2018

Date Of Selection: 15 December 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Hélène Bourgeois and Sandra Horea at


Participation fee

There will be a training fee for all the participants between 30 and 90 euros according to each participant own possibility.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation, food and program costs will be covered by the organizers.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs to the training location and back will be reimbursed up to this amount of euro per participant: 275 euro for France, Romania, Czech Republic and Poland 360 for Latvia

Create your Place II

“Create your Place II” aims at increasing the creativity of youth workers in order to provide powerful and meaningful impact on the professional and personal development of youth. The key methods that will be used are Storytelling, Sculpture and Dancing.

During the course the participants will explore and learn methods such as Storytelling, Sculpture and Authentic Movement/ Open Floor Movement, as ways to boost the creativity of young people to be empowered and to move from the place of acquiring to the place of applying, to support and inspire them into stepping in their bigger story.

Through this training we support the participants in exploring these concepts within the context of their professional and personal life. The practices experienced during the course will be translated into educational tools, methods and activities to be used in the youth field, in the entrepreneur field, for the professional and personal development of young people.


– STORYTELLING – using storytelling as a way to connect with your own, personal story and the stories of the people around. To develop the oral expression and persuasion, to structure ideas while telling a message and deliver an inspiring story.

– SCULPTURE – using sculpture and land art as a way to manifest the creativity by using the hands, through carving and molding in order to develop the artistic abilities, self-discipline, self-expression, observational and manipulative skills.

– DANCING – using dancing (creative, free and contemporary dance) and embodiment as ways to boost creativity by using the body for self-expression, to develop emotional stability, to build confidence and to be mindful.

– NATURE-BASED LEARNING – All the three mentioned above methods will be put in practice as much as possible in the natural environment, on the fields, in the forests, in order to create a connecting with the Nature and to see her as a source of inspiration and abundance.


– CREATIVITY – exploring the key elements of creativity and finding innovative ways for self-expression. Using holistic education in order to include the mind, body and heart into the creative process.

– EMPOWERMENT – working on personal level to develop self-efficacy, courage, self-confidence and motivation by using different strategies and approaches.

– ACTION PLANNING – creating and implementing action plans in a sustainable and practical way, in order to reach professional and personal goals. Using action plan as a specific tool for enhancing young people’s entrepreneurship.

OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: The aim of “Create your Place II” is to increase the capacity of youth workers to develop the creativity of young people in order to create sustainable results and powerful impact on personal and professional development of youth.

The objectives:

1. To develop empowering attitudes of youth workers for enhancing their own potential.

2. To increase the level of knowledge related to the innovative methods of experiential education: Storytelling, Sculpture, Dance used in a nature-based context.

3. To enhance skills in creating and delivering creativity-based activities for the young people they work with.

4. To increase the understanding on how to use nature in the educational path and development of creativity of youth.

5. To increase the support youth workers offer to the young people in their entrepreneurial path.

“Create your Place II” training course consists of 7 full training days, which form a progressive learning process. Each day has a specific dynamic and topics.

The course is based on non-formal education principles and methods and holistic education, thus the participants will play an active role in the learning process. Self-directed learning is an important aspect of this training, so the participants will be challenged to take responsibility and initiative for their own learning and development.

Trainers: Hélène Bourgeois – is an independent Trainer and Facilitator. She works in the French EVS pool of Trainers and is involved in international trainings through Erasmus+ funding. She is also involved at a local level, in Activ’Action for instance, guiding job seekers in valorising their skills and introducing themselves better. She is keen on creative methods, practicing sculpture for more than 20 years, using graphic recording, storytelling and theatre in her trainings.

Sandra Horea – Actions for Change coordinator, has over 7 years of experience in the education sector, supporting national and international educational processes among youth, teachers and youth workers. A graduate of the European Master in Adult Education and a promoter of holistic education methods is passionate about working with the actors in the educational environment. She creates learning spaces using educational methods that generate joy and human connection that find their applicability in everyday life. She has gained the training skills within different world renowned organizations such as Findhorn Eco community in Scotland and the Animas Valley Institute (USA).