Training course: Dive Deep Into Experiential

Location: Slovak Republic

Dates: 23-31 March 2021

Participating countries: Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain

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Number of participants: 24

Organizer: Outward Bound Slovakia

Deadline to apply: 30 October 2020

Date of Selection: 15 November 2020

Inquiries about this project: Peter and Mariya at


  • Participation fee
    Participation fee will be required only from accepted applicants. We will ask you to confirm your presence by payment of 70€ / person in advance.
  • Accommodation and food
    The training will be at Koliba Pacho from 23rd – 31st March. The arrival date is the 22nd March and the departure date is 1st April. Two days and 1 night will be spent on an expedition in the wilderness, camping in tents. You will be cooking for yourself during the expedition.
  • Travel reimbursement
    Please consider environmentally friendly means of transport if possible (bus, train…). Reimbursement will be done only after receiving the needed reimbursement documents (tickets, invoices…)

    • Czech Republic // 4 // 100-499 km // 180.00 EUR
    • France // 3 // 500-1999 km // 275.00 EUR
    • Hungary // 3 // 100-499 km // 180.00 EUR
    • Italy // 3 // 500-1999 km // 275.00 EUR
    • Poland // 2 // 500-1999 km // 275.00 EUR
    • Romania // 3 // 500-1999 km // 275.00 EUR
    • Slovakia // 2 //100 -499 km // 180.00 EUR
    • Spain // 3 // 500-1999 km // 275.00 EUR

Dive Deep Into Experiential

Dive Deep Into Experiential is an outdoor training course for youth workers, facilitators, trainers and instructors who would like to get new experience and knowledge in working with experiential and outdoor education.

Would you like to learn how to use experiential education methods?

Would like to discover and push your own limits?

Would you like to learn skills in working with participants outdoors?

Then Join us for this Adventure!


Dive Deep into Experiential…  is a training course for youth workers, facilitators, trainers, and instructors who would like to get new experience, knowledge, or improve already existing ones in leading experiential education programs. The course is funded by the Erasmus + program.

The training course is inspired by the work of Via Experientia –  an informal European organization, carrying out long term training courses in experiential education and personal development.

The training course will be in English. Most of the activities will be conducted outdoors and an expedition will be a part of the program of the training course.


The aim of the training will be to develop youth workers’ skills and toolboxes for working with young people through experiential education methodology.  The training is designed to develop professional skills and competencies when working with experiential education, focusing on the reflection after the experiences. It will be a platform to meet people in an intercultural setting and share know-how and best practices.

The long term goal of the project is to empower the participants to initiate personal development programs and projects, based on experiential education in their own organizations and countries and to increase the quality of experiential programs in their region.

For whom?

If you are..

  • Able to express yourself in English
  • Able to attend the whole duration of the training course
  • Active in the youth field as  a trainer, educator, instructor, facilitator, youth workers or a volunteer
  • Interested in learning and working with experiential education methods
  • Interested in using outdoor activities as a tool for personal development
  • Going to  actively use the skills and competencies you develop during the program
  • Opened to outdoor experiences
  • Have the space to apply the learned skills
  • 18+ years old.

.. then this course is for you!

What will you get from this Training course?

  • Learn to lead individual and group developmental processes
  • Develop facilitation and leading skills, such as: reflecting, active listening, mirroring, giving and receiving feedback
  • Develop process-oriented facilitation skills
  • Familiarise yourself with process-oriented experiential learning concepts and practices, which are relevant to leadership and group facilitation
  • Get engaged in a multicultural setting, in which will be shared best practices and experiences. You will discuss differences and similarities in using experiential methods
  • Engage in an outdoor expedition and learn how to use it as a tool for personal development
  • Practice the acquired skills in an intercultural setting
  • Become part of a network, which will enable you to potentially find partners for joint projects or initiatives


The program will consist of 3 parts:

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE … where you will learn about the others in the group and practice technical skills together, plan and execute an expedition

METHODS & TECHNIQUES … where we will focus on common models, used in experiential education, dive deep in group dynamics, program planning and facilitation, and reflection techniques.

DEEPENING OF OWN LEARNING … where you will get a chance to actively lead your own activities and you will receive the feedback.