Training Course: Do IT in Youth Work

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Dates: 23 January 2020

Number of participants: 25

Participating countries: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Organizer: Agency for mobility and EU Programmes

Apply here: Application form (need to register on SALTO)

Deadline to apply: 15 December 2019

Date of selection: 10 January 2020

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Do IT in Youth Work

Do IT in Youth Work – Croatia – Erasmus plus –

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The main aim of this training course is to educate youth workers and IT professionals in methods and tools necessary for development of digital competencies of young people.

Training course on digital youth work composed of both online and offline elements with the aim of empowering youth workers and helping them develop digital competencies of young people they work with.

Digital youth work is an emerging term to describe the area of youth work that uses digital media and new technology to enhance outcome focussed youth development. The term is used to describe work that can happen in face-to-face situations, social and group settings as well as in online environments – or in a mixture of these. It is relevant to all youth work pedagogies and can enhance all types of practice.

New generation of youth, born into the 21st century, grew up with technology all around them. While youthworkers still „avoid“ digital tools in their work, many IT professionals stepped in to educate future workers in programming, designing, gaming or social media literacy. On one hand, traditional youthworkers lack IT skills and are afraid to use them, while on the other hand, IT professionals lack educational skills necessary to implement non-formal education. This training course will focus on both perspectives to provide a general overview.

If you are a digital enthusiast or a youthworker interested in expanding your competencies, this training course is a right place for you. Independent of your background and resources, this training course will provide information and methods for effective digital youth work.
Training course will be implemented online and offline. Participants will be asked to participate in elearning course before and after the live training itself.

General Aim:
• To educate youthworkers and IT professionals in methods and tools necessary for development of digital competencies of young people.

• To empower youth workers and other youth work professionals for setting up a strategy for digital youth work
• To present methods, tools and activities which can be used in digital youth work
• To analyze how non-formal learning can be complemented with digital tools and STEM education
• To explore benefits and disadventages of online learning
• To get familiarized with tools such as Instagram, Snapchat, Scratch, micro-bits, Kahoot etc.
• To experience and learn how to use various spaces (open-air, analog/digital) to create a supporting learning environment
• To support networking and connection of participants in future collaboration in digital youth work

For whom:
• Youthworkers, social workers or anyone working with children or youth in non-formal environment
• Teachers or educators working in formal education
• IT professionals and experts involved in youth education
• Anyone involved in Maker education

This training course is based on principles of non-formal education and follows the path of experiential learning. It consists of two parts – online learning and live training course. Online learning part will be hosted on LMS and it will cover the theoretical inputs regarding this course:
• Non-formal education and learning
• Digitalisation of learning
• Digital youthwork – strategies and development
• Why STEM is important
• Extra resources on each topic

Online learning will also include activites for participants to support the theory. Online learning is mandatory for participants.
Live training will be based on methodology of non-formal education using Kolb learning cycle. All topics of the training will be complemented with a exercise or activity using digital tools.