Training Course:Embodied Entrepreneurship

Location: Homade, Brivezac, France

Dates: 2-10 July 2019

Number of participants: 22

Participating countries: France, Italy, Latvia

Organizer:  Nomadways (Youth NGO)

Apply here: Application Form

Deadline to apply: 15 May 2019

Date Of Selection: 20 May 2019

Inquiries about this training course:  Inese Priedite  E-Mail:



Participation fee

Fee shouldn’t be an obstacle to participation and on request will be waived for participants who are in difficult financial situation.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food will be provided by organisers, and it is free of charge for the participants.

Travel reimbursement

Travel and travel insurance costs will be covered but there are some limits to consider – maximum amount to be reimbursed is 275€ per person from Italy and Latvia and 180€ per person from France. Travel expenses will be reimbursed via bank transfer within 4 weeks after the end of the training course.

Embodied Entrepreneurship

Download here: Embodied Entrepreneurship_Infopack_March2019.pdf

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Training course for those active in the field of youth and education about boosting young people’s active participation, initiative and entrepreneurship with help of body and movement-based learning approaches and methods.


Training course “Embodied Entrepreneurship” is organized within a strategic partnership project called “Embodied Change”. The goal of this partnership is to elaborate innovative body and movement-based learning methods for boosting young people’s active participation, initiative and entrepreneurship. Main theme uniting all the activities of the project is body-based learning – its main concepts, principles, approaches and various methods, viewing the physical body as a domain of learning and change.

”Embodied Entrepreneurship” is the second event within the project, and it will gather 22 participants and facilitators from Italy, France and Latvia.


”Embodied Entrepreneurship” is a training course for people active in the field of youth and education who:

– work with young people as peer educators, trainers, or leaders of youth organizations and youth groups;

– are legal residents of Italy, France or Latvia;

– want to take an action – civic or entrepreneurial – to solve problems in their communities;

– would like to contribute to the creation of new, body and movement-based learning and training tools;

– wish to become more confident, courageous and creative, boost their own initiative, entrepreneurial mindset and social skills;

– are ready to challenge themselves by trying various movement practices;

– in the selection of the participants preference will be given to young educators in age from 18 to 25, however, also youth workers and educators of all ages, who have special interest and experience in body and movement-based approaches to learning and who would be interested in developing new body and movement-based learning tools, are welcome to apply for the course.


During this training course, we will explore topics such as teamwork, empathy, self-awareness, taking risks, ambiguity and change, leadership and power, creativity and innovation and project management. The training program will include elements from improvisation, dance, bodywork, voice work, theatre, martial arts, meditation, and other body ways. We will work also with writing, storytelling, visual arts and implement a small local initiative on site.

Within these activities participants together with the trainers will also develop and try out the new body and movement-based learning methods that help to improve competencies such as initiative and entrepreneurship and civic competence. Participants will be also given time and support to brainstorm and understand how methods created or experienced during the course could be adapted and integrated into their own work with young people.

There will be also one online learning week right before the course and one online learning week within two months after the end of the course.


As a participant you will:

– Experience body and movement-based learning process and gain an understanding of the main principles and elements of body and movement-based approaches to learning and work with communities;

– Learn concrete body and movement-based learning and training methods that can be integrated in your work to boost young people’s initiative, active participation and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes;

– Contribute to the development of new body and movement-based learning and teaching tools for boosting people’s initiative, active participation and entrepreneurship.

– Develop your own competences, such as initiative and entrepreneurship, social, civic and emotional skills, learning to learn and to assist others in their learning process.