Training course: Empowering 2 Empower – Slovenia 2018

Location:  Haloze – Ptuj, Slovenia

Dates: 24-29 August 2018

Number of participants: 20

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey


Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 10 July 2018

Date Of Selection: 24 July 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Nika Bratovic at  &


The budget for travel costs can be found in the Infopack that is attached bellow.
Once the participants arrive to the airport, we will arrange transportation to Ptuj – Haloze, by car or bus.
Participants may also travel by car, in that case it is required to save all receipts of gas and highway tolls.

Food and accommodation is provided from our budget.

Empowering 2 Empower – Slovenia 2018

Are you a motivated individual that wants to empower young people? Do you like to travel? We offer an Erasmus+ international training course in Slovenia, intended for youth workers or people with interest in work with youth employability.

International project “EMPOWERING to EMPOWER” is dedicated to the empowerment of youth workers / leaders to work with unemployed young people and young people from disadvantaged areas.

By the planning and preparing the project are 10 partner organizations involved, which are active in 8 different countries (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey and Poland).

Aim of the project is to prepare youth workers / leaders to gain needed competences to work with unemployed youth and youth from disadvantaged areas, so that they could help and direct them on their life’s journey by reaching their career goals.

Youth workers / leaders needs to have skills for mentoring, providing security, support them by setting and achieving their desires / goals, encourage them to participate in the programms for personal and social development, support them by the acquisition of competences, help them by promoting their self-esteem through personal development, encourage them to be active and responsible citizen and ultimately prepare them to be responsible to enter on the labor market.

The training will be aimed at acquiring competences for self-confident, effective and creative work with unemployed young people and young people from deprivilaged areas. Therefore, we will include activities in the training which are listed below:
– activities from public speaking (individually and in the group) and self-promotion;
– workshops on the topic of youth unemployment in terms of exchange / review / presentation of facts in the field of youth unemployment and exchanges / reviews / presentation of solving this type of problem;
– identifying the professions of the future and familiarizing participants with it;
– activities to get to know and learn about the methods of preparing and conducting workshops and methods of working with unemployed young people and young people from deprivileged areas. It will be followed by the actual preparation and implementation of a workshop, where participants of the conducted workshop will be unemployed young people or young people from deprivilaged area – Haloze.

Within the framework of the project, one day will also be dedicated to excursions through the viewing of examples of good practice regarding the creation of additional jobs for young people.

The time of reflection on identifying and defining learning outcomes from individual workshops / activities will be an important “learning to learn” activity, where participants will get to know different methods of conducting a reflection on learning outcomes.


Training course: Empowering 2 Empower – Slovenia 2018 –


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