Training Course: Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship

Location: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dates: 17-25 February 2020

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Serbia, Sweden

Organizer: Ung Kraft / Youth Power Sweden

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 20 December 2019

Date of selection: 26 December 2019

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Participation fee

Accommodation and food
All costs are covered by organizers and funded by Swedish NA within Erasmus+ program.

Travel reimbursement
Travel costs will be reimbursed by organizers, in agreement with participants.

Costs will be reimbursed only for most eco-friendly types of transportation, after confirmation of the transportation way with project team.

Budget for travel costs / per participant:

1. Sweden – 275,00 €

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 0,00 €

3. Croatia – 180,00 €

4. Albania – 180,00 €

5. Germany – 275,00 €

6. Serbia – 180,00 €

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship – training course – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Erasmus plus –

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TC EYE seeks to provide opportunities for youth workers to gain valuable skills needed for work on their personal development, with emphasis on education, self-education opportunities creation and sharing skills with peers in field of entrepreneurship.

Through project “Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship” we are seeking to provide opportunities for youth workers and young people to gain valuable skills for needed for work on their personal development, with emphasis on education, self-education opportunities creation and sharing skills with their peers.

How the training course will look like:

Project will consist from one main activity, training course, and follow up activities that are including multiplication workshops implemented in all local communities where partner organisations are coming from.
During the training course participants will firstly have a chance to share present realities and situations in their countries regarding entrepreneurship and self-employment. Afterwards, they will be presented with role of non-formal education in entrepreneurship and hear good example and practices of already existing systems. In the middle part, participants will get an opportunity to work on developing of their entrepreneurial skills and learn how to develop business idea and business plan, how to do self-reflection, how to prepare project proposal and apply for different grants , and all of these through creative and innovative methods and approaches.

During the final part of the training course, participants will spend time in preparing and planning of follow up activities that they will implement in their local communities after end of training course. They will be introduced to cycle of project, discuss challenges and recommendations for strategic thinking and youth work approaches in their future activities, learn how to set aims and objectives and finally develop specific 90 minutes long workshops and activities (based on non-formal education methods and approaches) that will be
organized for all interested youth in local communities.

Objectives of the training course are :

1.) Fostering of future cooperation between partner organisations in creation of similar activities and projects

2.) Creation of multiplication workshops about youth entrepreneurship and self-employment in local communities of all partner organisations

3.) Building capacities of partner organisations to actively work with young people on topics of youth entrepreneurship and self-employment

4.) Raising quality of youth work done by partner organisations in their regular work

5.) Introduction of non-formal education and methods to youth workers

6.) Sharing of positive practices and examples in youth entrepreneurship between partner

7.) Promotion of Erasmus+ programme and its basic ideas and concepts